Day 1/north to Alaska

Published: May 15th 2017
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Even though I'm 4 days late, I'm starting at the beginning. Do, here goes:
The flight to Minneapolis was fine, if you remember to forget that originally you were scheduled to leave RSW at 8:20 but American decided to cancel and change departure to 6:20, thereby necessitating a 4 a.m. wake-up call. However, the call of the Mall of America beconed, so I rejoiced about the fact that I could shop tax-free for 1 1/2 days.
Fun time at the Mall, loved the roller coaster ride, too. Then the fun stopped as we dragged our bags back to the airport, onto a tram which took us to the bus for a 2 1/2 hour ride to Forest City.
When we finally arrived we were assigned our RV, number 311. We knew that had to be good karma as our awesome hotel room was 311,too. Happily I raced to our brand new 33 foot home for the next 22 days. It was so big, on the outside,anyway...My closet had 4 hangers, a little bedside table, and a small nook?(Buying hangers now on the Walmart list)!
Since the weather was nice (75) and the RV warm, Q started up the generator to cool it down. Well, it started, stopped, started, stopped and stayed stopped. My 311, I fear
May be a lemon and I don't like lemonade.I AM NOT HAPPY. Two workers fooled around with it, but we won't know til tomorrow if it's okay.
So, my friends, this may be my first and last entry because if it acts squirrelly, I'm heading back to Civilization, with or without Q.


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