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North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit September 10th 2021

I did not plan much for the last day and I should have. Our flight was not until 4:15, but I didn’t’ really know what else to do. We slept in a bit, then checked out and stored our luggage. The only real thing on the schedule was breakfast at Hudson Café, a Detroit breakfast institution. It was close so we walked. The weather has been just fantastic, cool in the mornings, low humidity, and a nice breeze most of the day. The only rain was the thunderstorm our first night here. We had the foresight to make a reservation, without one the wait was over an hour long. The place is small, but they pack them in. No Covid distancing here. We got a table in the back by the kitchen, which was fun because ... read more
Voodoo Benedicts

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit September 9th 2021

Another early start to the day, up at 6:30 to do some work and have a staff meeting via Teams. No breakfast this morning as we were still pretty full from the beef from last night. Coffee and a strong one was in order. The coffee bar downstairs, while they use Starbucks, still make a good strong latte. The baristas are also very friendly. Today’s itinerary consists of 2 museums’, the Ford Piquette Plant and the Detroit Historical Museum. If the Qline would have been running it would take us to both places, but the number 4 bus does as well. The bus system here is horrible, no social distancing (but they require masks) and they just do not keep to any kind of real schedule. We have waited up to 20 to 30 minutes for ... read more
Restored Model T
Fired Artichokes

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit September 8th 2021

Up at 6:30 to do some work before we are off for the day. The coffee in the room is pretty decent for hotel coffee, but of course you only get enough to make a cup a piece unless you want decaf, and what is the point of that. Ordered breakfast from the restaurant downstairs, no room service, so just went to pick it up. Decent menu, but very hung up on American cheese. Jerry had yogurt parfait and a stale croissant and I had a Cuban Bagel (ham, pork carnitas, fried egg and gruyere cheese on a bagel). The sandwich was good, but the bagel was not really a bagel, more like a bagel shaped hamburger bun. I spent a couple of hours getting some work done, then we headed out for the day. In ... read more
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson
Van Gough
Art Nouveau - Mirror

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit September 7th 2021

This is our first real trip since Covid, yes, we had our Fall Foliage trip, but I couldn’t really see and was in pain most of the time; and then there was the trip to Block Island that wasn’t but ended up being 5 days in Portland, Maine (never really a bad thing. But this, this is our first trip on a plane since Covid. You would think that nothing ever happened, the plane was booked, O’Hare was crowded as ever. The only real difference was that everyone had a mask on. This was also our first flight out of T.F. Green Airport in Providence (actually its in Warwick). It is literally the easiest airport to fly out of. No line to check out bag, TSA precheck, again no line. The normal security check didn’t even ... read more
La Dolce Vita
Gamberi LDV
A good wind for a good meal

North America » United States » Michigan » Kalamazoo July 25th 2021

Okay. So I don’t know how to blog!!! Apparently creating a new ”Trip” doesn’t do anything. I just realized that all of my previous blog entries (entries I added for trips such as Destin and Buffalo River) have been added onto the end of my original blog for my and Elizabeth’s trip to Europe. Worse, I can’t figure out how to do anything else… So, I am going to just keep doing it the wrong way and hopefully everyone can at least se some pics. The trip actually started on Wednesday July 21st. We drove two days to get to Kalamazoo, MI so that Friday morning we could go over to the Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum to see, among their regular exhibits, a WW II B-29 Superfortress named Doc. Doc was great to see, ... read more
Standing in Line
Is This Line Moving?
Looking past pilots’ seats to the nose bubble where the bombardier sat

North America » United States » Michigan » Kalamazoo July 25th 2021

We had some extra time on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to see if there were any racetracks in the area. Low and behold, we found one right down the road. Literally, right down the road we were staying on, like six miles away. AND it was rice night! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and rained us o… But we got to see a little racing and we had a lot of fun.... read more

North America » United States » Michigan September 27th 2020

Today I rode to the Porcupine Mountains bordering Lake Superior. And for a change, I had sunshine today most of the time. My destination was a beautiful place called Lake of the Clouds. The views from the lookout point of Lake of the Clouds are spectacular. I guess I wasn't the only leafer out today because on the road up there was a half hour wait at the entry gate since the parking lot was full up there. They would only allow one car in when one came out. The views of Lake Superior were beautiful on the ride up to the mountains. I decided to make a loop ride out of it and rode MI 64 down the west side of Lake Gogebic Gogebic is a large lake, somewhere around 17 miles long from north ... read more
Lake of the Clouds
Lake of the Clouds
Lake of the Clouds

North America » United States » Michigan » Houghton September 26th 2020

I was originally going to ride to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Copper Harbor. But the weather forecast was iffy regarding possible rain so I decided to ride to the twin towns of Houghton and Hancock about 90 miles north of Land O' Lakes. These town are separated by the Portage Canal and connected by a cool looking lift bridge. The color was really good almost all the way to Houghton, but for some reason, even though it was further north, the color was not as far along. One theory is that the towns are on the waters of Lake Superior and that keeps the temperatures a bit warmer. The Keweenaw Peninsula is known as Copper Country because of the numerous old defunct copper mines there. The ride up on US 45 and MI 26 ... read more
IMG_0509 (1)
Ontonagon River
Ontonagon River

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit October 11th 2019

Travel day at last. The itinerary is Savannah to Detroit which was a good flight. Now there’s a 4 hour layover which gives me time to think about what I’ve inevitably forgotten and see if I can think of any additional supplies that might be needed and are available at the super inflated airport prices. Next flight is Detroit to Seoul South Korea - a nice 13+ hour flight, which I’m still hoping that the middle seat is still unoccupied. I’ll be hoping against the Eastern European weight lifter with an asthmatic service animal who loves misses seats. Once there, the next flight is on to Bangkok. Not sure if it’s 4 or 6 hours, and at that point it really doesn’t matter. Local time in Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of East coast time. Added ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Ann Arbor September 1st 2019

Another day, another college football game. Today was markedly different from yesterday. First off, we didn’t have nearly so far to travel as we did yesterday. Ann Arbor is only an hour away from East Lansing, so that made it easier to sleep in. But it also meant that we didn’t have as many stops to make along the way. In fact, we only made one ‘stop’ between the two towns, and I wouldn’t really call it a stop since we didn’t actually stop the car. There’s a town called Hell that’s semi on the way between our two schools for this weekend, with only maybe a ten-minute detour. So of course we had to see that. Everything I saw online said that it was basically a tourist-trap type of place, but when we drove into ... read more
Lunch at the 'original' Cottage Inn
Sorta Art Deco in downtown Ann Arbor
Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor

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