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North America » United States » Michigan September 27th 2020

Today I rode to the Porcupine Mountains bordering Lake Superior. And for a change, I had sunshine today most of the time. My destination was a beautiful place called Lake of the Clouds. The views from the lookout point of Lake of the Clouds are spectacular. I guess I wasn't the only leafer out today because on the road up there was a half hour wait at the entry gate since the parking lot was full up there. They would only allow one car in when one came out. The views of Lake Superior were beautiful on the ride up to the mountains. I decided to make a loop ride out of it and rode MI 64 down the west side of Lake Gogebic Gogebic is a large lake, somewhere around 17 miles long from north ... read more
Lake of the Clouds
Lake of the Clouds
Lake of the Clouds

North America » United States » Michigan » Houghton September 26th 2020

I was originally going to ride to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Copper Harbor. But the weather forecast was iffy regarding possible rain so I decided to ride to the twin towns of Houghton and Hancock about 90 miles north of Land O' Lakes. These town are separated by the Portage Canal and connected by a cool looking lift bridge. The color was really good almost all the way to Houghton, but for some reason, even though it was further north, the color was not as far along. One theory is that the towns are on the waters of Lake Superior and that keeps the temperatures a bit warmer. The Keweenaw Peninsula is known as Copper Country because of the numerous old defunct copper mines there. The ride up on US 45 and MI 26 ... read more
IMG_0509 (1)
Ontonagon River
Ontonagon River

North America » United States » Michigan » Ann Arbor October 23rd 2019

For those of you, and you know who you are, members of what we call the "Nifty Fifty Club", we have visited all 50 states here in the US. But it raises the question, why don't more people travel within this great country? I often figured it was the expense or the time off from work. In a poll by a famous luggage company, 40% of Americans (respondents) say they have never left the US. And remember that both Mexico and Canada are very close and friendly neighbors. Surprisingly, 54% have been to fewer than ten states, and most surprisingly, 11% have never the left the state where they were born. Why are the numbers so low? The poll said 76% want to travel more than they do. Better yet, 85% said they wanted to experience ... read more
Michigan was #50
Celebrate with steak and champagne

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit October 11th 2019

Travel day at last. The itinerary is Savannah to Detroit which was a good flight. Now there’s a 4 hour layover which gives me time to think about what I’ve inevitably forgotten and see if I can think of any additional supplies that might be needed and are available at the super inflated airport prices. Next flight is Detroit to Seoul South Korea - a nice 13+ hour flight, which I’m still hoping that the middle seat is still unoccupied. I’ll be hoping against the Eastern European weight lifter with an asthmatic service animal who loves misses seats. Once there, the next flight is on to Bangkok. Not sure if it’s 4 or 6 hours, and at that point it really doesn’t matter. Local time in Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of East coast time. Added ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Ann Arbor September 1st 2019

Another day, another college football game. Today was markedly different from yesterday. First off, we didn’t have nearly so far to travel as we did yesterday. Ann Arbor is only an hour away from East Lansing, so that made it easier to sleep in. But it also meant that we didn’t have as many stops to make along the way. In fact, we only made one ‘stop’ between the two towns, and I wouldn’t really call it a stop since we didn’t actually stop the car. There’s a town called Hell that’s semi on the way between our two schools for this weekend, with only maybe a ten-minute detour. So of course we had to see that. Everything I saw online said that it was basically a tourist-trap type of place, but when we drove into ... read more
Lunch at the 'original' Cottage Inn
Sorta Art Deco in downtown Ann Arbor
Nickels Arcade in Ann Arbor

North America » United States » Michigan » East Lansing August 31st 2019

I'm back! This year, I’m doing something different for college football season. Those who have read my facebook posts for the past couple of months, you will already know this. But for my faithful blog readers, you may not know. Since I didn’t get to do any big trips this summer, which I usually enjoy, my 2019 “big trip” will be an intermittent, extended sojourn through the world of college football. Another impetus for this decision is my dissatisfaction with the prices of tickets for my beloved alma mater, the Georgia Bulldogs. They are AVERAGING over $100 per ticket, which is certainly not helped by a $500 price tag for that Notre Dame game. So, each weekend, I’ll be at a different school; sometimes, it’ll even be TWO schools per weekend. This first weekend of college ... read more
The gateway to Miami University in Ohio
The field at Yager Stadium
Annie Oakley's gravesite

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson August 3rd 2019

Cycling on the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park Located NE of Jackson Michigan and SW of Brighton Michigan. The length is about 20 miles (33 km) with about 9 km being paved from Pinckney to Hamburg At Hamburg the trail just ends at a forest about 1 mile past the staging area Excellent staging areas with large parking lots, garbage bins and portable toilets. Benches along the way. The trail passes through marshland and forested areas. Trailhead locations: 1. Stockbridge Trailhead (M-52 and S. Center St,) GPS: 42.26'43N and 84.10'47W 2. Gregory Trailhead (188 Main St, Gregory,) ... read more
Mike Levine lakelands state park  (7)
Mike Levine lakelands state park  (9)
Mike Levine lakelands state park  (6)

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson July 17th 2019

Cycling on the Falling Waters Rail Trail Falling Waters Rail Trail in Jackson Michigan. Staging areas: 3714 Weatherwax Dr, Jackson and Concord, at the end of River Street: GPS: 42.180448, -84.636524 The trail is 10.4 miles (17 km) and joins the village of Concord with Jackson where it continues as the Martin Luther King Equity Trail This trail is straight as an arrow. Lots of benches and a few tables and ga... read more
Falling Waters Trail  (16)
Falling Waters Trail  (10)
Falling Waters Trail  (7)

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus July 15th 2019

Cycling on the I-275 Metro Trail in the Detroit area As the name suggests, this trail runs parallel to Interstate 275. It starts in NOVI at Meadowbrook road in the north near 1-275 and I-696 and goes south to Huron Road near New Boston. It is 32 miles or 52 km. The rail is asphalt, wide and well-marked with “you are here maps” and markers every ¼ mile. It was originally built in 1978 and over recent years bridges and surfaces have been updated. The trail is smooth and flat with a few grades. Most of the time you can see or hear the traffic. There are a few sections that are totally surrounded by trees. There is limited shade. There are no benches, water or toilets, but you can go off on a few side ... read more
i-275 metro trail in Michigan
I-275 trail  (6)
I-275 trail  (7)

North America » United States » Michigan » Troy April 27th 2019

Yesterday was our last long road trip to the 50 states. We have reached 48. Unknowingly, we learned from our Pink Jeep tour guide that Arizona was the 48th state to join the union and it was our 48th state to travel. If we flip flopped our last two trips and went to Alaska before Hawaii, Hawaii would be our 50th and was the 50th to join the union. I don’t think we will do that because Alaska will be a longer summer trip and it will be our finale for Ben’s graduation. Next year, we will go to Hawaii. On our drive from Columbia to home, we began reflecting on where we started and where we are today and how so many things are different. The most obvious difference being the sizes of the kids. ... read more
Our last road trip 2019

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