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Skimmed Marquette and then put our hands in Lake Superior... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » UP February 19th 2011

The next morning was Saturday morning. Originally, had we been able to go to Land O' Lakes, WI, we were planning to attend the Frosty Snowmobile Club's Radar runs at Bent's Camp Resort on Mamie Lake west of LandO. One of the highlights of this event is the bikini run with girls wearing bikinis riding the high speed 1000' run on snowmobiles. They do it to raise money for breast cancer. We considered driving the 65 miles down there to see it, but since the trails there were now dirt and the trails up here are fantastic, we chose to stay up here and ride. We only received about 2-3 inches of snow, but the groomers were doing a heck of a job of churning up the snow and flattening out the trails, resulting in great ... read more
Old Calumet Firehouse
Calumet Theater

North America » United States » Michigan » UP February 18th 2011

We awoke in the morning to 40-50 mph winds from the west, 20 degrees and snow. When we went to bed around 11:00, it was still over 40. The trees were swaying 20 feet at their tops. It was 8 AM and we had to pack for our move down the road to Krupp's, what with the Wyandotte having a 9 AM checkout. Kinda early, huh? We thought so, too. By the time we started loading up the truck, a truck and huge 6 place trailer pulled in by our cabin. These guys were ready to move in to our cabin. So we drove down to Krupp's and our cabin there wasn't ready yet, so we drove over to the Parkview to have breakfast. By now it was snowing hard and the winds were steady at ... read more
Had to Get in The Act
Richard Krupp
Ed & Richard at Work

North America » United States » Michigan » UP February 17th 2011

It barely got down to 32 overnight, but everything was a bit crispy. After such a warm day before, we knew we couldn't go too far south, so we decided to point the sleds north and squeezed the throttles. We headed up Trial 3, the Bill Nichols Trail, the super slab of snowmobile trails. 60 mph sustained speeds are easy to do on this great trail. Once again, the trail was groomed overnight and was very smooth. We rode up to Houghton about 25 miles north of Twin Lakes and crossed the bridge across the Portage Channel into Hancock. Once again, the temperature climbed into the 40's and it was a bright, sunny day. We chose to continue north on Trail 3 through Lake Linden and then toward the city of Calumet, where we gassed up ... read more
Keweenaw Snow Meter
On The Gay Sands

North America » United States » Michigan » UP February 15th 2011

The forecast sure wasn't good for snowmobiling. We were at home in Illinois deciding whether to make a snowmobile trip to either Land O' Lakes, WI or go further north. The weather men were forecasting temps in the 40's in the Northwoods for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With more snow on the ground as usual in the Keweenaw Peninsula of the UP we decided to try Twin Lakes as our destination. Those of you who have read this blog in the past know that I've been staying at Krupp's Resort in Twin Lakes for many years, so I called Sandy Krupp to try to rent one of their cabins. No luck, it's Presidents' day week and they were all booked up, but Sandy put me on the wait list for cancellations. We were on a wait ... read more
A Well Deserved Break
At The Alston Village Bar
Ed at the Legendary Rousseau Bar

North America » United States » Michigan » UP January 16th 2010

The video above is from the hill climb races we stopped to see. The hill is a lot steeper than the video looks. As one of the more experienced off-trail riders I know, Todd from Keweenaw Motor Sports, said; "It's pretty intimidating!" After a good night's sleep, thanks at least in part to the massage, we walked across the street for breakfast at The Pines. It was looking to be another gorgeous day in the Northland; beaucoup sunshine and temps predicted to be in the low 30's. We saddled up and headed to Trail 3 for the ride up to the top of Brockway Mountain. We stopped a little over halfway up for the mandatory photo op overlooking Copper Harbor and Lake Fanny Hooe. At least on a beautiful, clear day like this it's mandatory. We've ... read more
Always Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up From Ray
Ray & His MXZ 600

North America » United States » Michigan » UP December 21st 2009

Now to clear up any possible confusion about going to the Gay Bar. I haven't decided to go over to the other side. The sledders who ride up here know that the Gay Bar is just that: the bar in the town of Gay, MI. Gay is a tiny town that once had one of the many copper mines in the Keweenaw Peninsula. It's located on the eastern side of the peninsula right on Lake Superior. We received a couple of inches of snow in the morning and the trails were in perfect condition. The groomers were out on almost every trail and the trails were as good as they get. There were a lot of snomobilers here over the weeekend and I was concerned that they would have beat up the trails, but the groomers ... read more
Jim & Debi
Jim & Debi
The Gay Bar

North America » United States » Michigan » UP December 14th 2009

When I decided to make this trip, I really wasn't sure how long I would stay. I thought maybe I'd leave Thursday. That would have given me 3 days of riding. Then as the snow began piling up, I told Sandy Krupp that I would leave Friday. On Thursday, with snow wrecking driving conditions and the forecast for it to continue to snow until Saturday morning, I asked Sandy Krupp if I could stay until Saturday morning. Too late; they were filled up for the weekend. The other places to stay in Twin Lakes were also booked. I guess that everyone in the Midwest saw the weather reports. So I asked Sandy to let me know if there were any cancellations and she called that afternoon to say that the Wyandotte Cabins had a cabin open ... read more
Firesteel Tressels
View From Firesteel Tressel
Roussseau Bar Icicles

North America » United States » Michigan » UP December 10th 2009

It's been snowing like crazy the past day and a half. As of this morning, I estimate we've gotten 20 inches of snow and it's still snowing. One of the girls here at the Parkview said they are supposed to get over 3 feet by Saturday. It's deep and beautiful. Still very few snowmobilers so I was breaking trail through about 2-1/2 feet of snow in a lot of places. My passenger side windshield wiper quit working, so I started out my day driving 23 miles up to Houghton and got it fixed at Keweenaw Automotive. So, after that little diversion, I started riding around 1:00 PM again. With all the new snow, I headed south and made a familiar loop for me. I rode 16 miles down to Mass City and gassed up there. I ... read more
Parkview Bar
Rousseau Bar

North America » United States » Michigan » UP December 9th 2009

Since the snow is thinner to the south, I decided to ride north Tuesday. I rode 28 miles up to Houghton to visit the guys at Keweenaw Motorsports and get a cup of coffee. They are a Skidoo dealer and really good guys. Dan, the service manager, has helped me several times when I had something wrong with one of the machines and got me back on the trails. Marty is the owner and I talked with him about news on the new machines. He told me that Skidoo is going to put their very advanced fuel injection system called Etec in the 800cc engine next year. They only have it available in the 600cc engines now. It is a real leap forward in 2 stroke engine technology. It produces a cleaner exhaust than 4 stroke ... read more
Keweenaw Motorsports
Old Copper Mine
Shute's Saloon

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