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North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus July 15th 2019

Cycling on the I-275 Metro Trail in the Detroit area As the name suggests, this trail runs parallel to Interstate 275. It starts in NOVI at Meadowbrook road in the north near 1-275 and I-696 and goes south to Huron Road near New Boston. It is 32 miles or 52 km. The rail is asphalt, wide and well-marked with “you are here maps” and markers every ¼ mile. It was originally built in 1978 and over recent years bridges and surfaces have been updated. The trail is smooth and flat with a few grades. Most of the time you can see or hear the traffic. There are a few sections that are totally surrounded by trees. There is limited shade. There are no benches, water or toilets, but you can go off on a few side ... read more
i-275 metro trail in Michigan
I-275 trail  (6)
I-275 trail  (7)

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus March 26th 2016

Well, spring break 2016 gave us some trouble. We had planned on a trip to Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, everyone else did too. The flights became full early on. However, it is a good thing. We would have left on March 23, and the next day, Argentina would eliminate the $160 reciprocity fee for American Citizens. The full flights saved us $480!!! Our next plan was to go to Seoul. We had been, but just for a 24 hour stop over, and it was not even close to enough. We wanted to see more. The flight loads looked good, and I was sure they would hold, with all the threats coming from the neighbor to the North. They did not hold though, and about a week out, we had to make new plans. Now it was going ... read more
Where to?
Settling in
Ready to go!

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus March 25th 2015

Spring break means time to travel. We had planned on going to Foz do Iguacu last year when we were in Rio, but it did not work out. Of course the falls are a must see so we would try again this year, and combine it with another city in South America. For that, we chose Santiago. We planned on departing Indianapolis around 3:30 pm, however, the flights were full so we left at noon instead. Our first flight was Indianapolis to Detroit on a Delta Connection CRJ-700. I was in seat 8A for the short flight. We had about 6 hours in Detroit airport, so we just grabbed some lunch and sat around waiting. At 8 pm, we departed to Sao Paulo on board Delta 53. We cleared for business class and I was in ... read more
Ready to fly
Ready to fly

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus October 10th 2014

It's time for fall break in our area. That means the girls are off school for two weeks. Also time for a trip, but to where? Well, our friends in the UK wanted us to return so we said sure! The day before, we did not know which route we would take. We look for routes in which we can get business class. Spoiled, I know. It looked like we would actually fly Indy to New York to Shannon to London. Then the Aer Lingus from Shannon to London became full. Next, it looked like Indy to Boston to London. However, the Boston to London became very tight for stand by travel. Finally, we would decide on Detroit. The two Detroit to London flights were wide open in economy and had 10 open seats in business ... read more
The cold deli plate

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus October 18th 2013

Our daughter has always wanted to visit the UK. We had avoided it due to the horrendous exchange rate for us. Well, it was now time to suck it up and go for it! We made our plans early and hoped it would all work out. We would fly to London, then stay with friends in Basingstoke for a few days, then visit London, and finally go out to Cardiff. As of the afternoon on October 18, we really did not know if we would leave this day, or leave the next. I worked this day and while at work, decided to go after I was off. I hurried home to change and finish packing. We actually were behind schedule on the way to the airport, and I wondered if we would make it. Traffic was ... read more
Delta flight 18, DTW-LHR
Delta flight 18, DTW-LHR

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus March 30th 2013

I had neglected Asia for so long now. It is so simple for us to jump over to Europe that it was easy to forget about Asia. I had only been to Tokyo and HK and the last time I was over there was in 2002. This needed to change. The day started out very early for us. I was off work on Friday night at 12:30am and went home to change and pack. I had only made our final plans just hours before. It came down to Venice or Beijing and I ended up picking Beijing. That is the fun of stand-by! You never know where you will go. China was actually not even in the picture until we found out that they have a new 72 hour visa-free policy. We also had to do ... read more
Where to?
Settling in
Settling in

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus April 3rd 2012

We decided to visit Budapest for our spring break trip. We left Indianapolis on Tuesday April 3 at 11:49am, on Delta flight 672, an Airbus 319 aircraft. I was seated in coach seat 10E. It was a quick and smooth flight up to Detroit. Once there, we had a good 4 hours or more, so we went and had some lunch at National Coney Island, which was a very good option for food at Detroit airport. I had a gyros sandwich, and water to drink. At about 5pm, we were onboard Delta flight 142 for our 5:35 departure. I was in business class seat 6A on this 767-400 aircraft. The flight was mostly smooth and took around 8 hours to get to Frankfurt. I watched the movie "Moneyball" and listened to some music during the flight. ... read more
Delta flight 142
We're off!
Watching a movie

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus August 28th 2011

I have always loved to go on adventures. When I was young, my parents would plan trips every year to places across the country. From Independence Hall in Philadelphia to Tombstone in Arizona to Taquaminah Falls in Northern Michigan, we explored the vastness of our nation. Throughout my youth I also heard of many far off countries that my Grandmother would visit. Bangkok, Egypt, China, London, etc. I saw pictures, heard stories, and hoped that one day I too could travel the world. Its no wonder to me that when the opportunity presented itself, that I took this excursion. A mix of cities and beaches, this trip takes me from Spain to Italy to Greece. I left Detroit this afternoon and have already had more interesting experiences than I expected. The Bags When I checked in ... read more
My Poor Lost Bag
Basically the Same Size
Brady and I in Toledo Airport

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus October 18th 2007

This was my 4th visit to Paris but I had not been since August of 1996, so I was very excited! We drove up to Fort Wayne to catch our Northwest Airlink CRJ to Detroit. We had to sit in DTW for about 6 hours but at least it's a nice terminal to wait in. We happened to see on the news that a transit strike was occurring in Paris. Oh great, we thought! At 9:20 pm, Northwest 50 to Paris departed. The flight was smooth and routine.... read more

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