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October 21st 2007
Published: October 22nd 2007
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Here are two videos from our trip. Well, it's actually one DVD, but the trial version file converter I downloaded will only do five minutes at a time AND cut out the chunk that included Alex and I in the ocean...me giving myself whiplash over the hammerheads whizzing by us. Oh well, at least there's a better visual for the experience.

10/20/2007 Flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to Dallas, Texas - killing time

I'd like to have a job (create a job?) that I could travel to other cities, states, and countries to research economic development. Find out what struggling areas have done that has and hasn't worked to make their community boom. Then take that information and make it happen for Jackson. It definitely would be an interesting challenge. How awesome would that be to travel, meet different people, experience their communities and of course figure out how to not just have ideas for change, but actually execute them? Seems to me that we're lacking team work and genuine optimism. It was great to see the Chamber of Commerce, Midtown Association, and the Downtown Development Authority collaborate to try to figure out the next move. The start of a potentially dynamic team so long as everyone can dive in and really act as a team. It seems like most of the time it comes down to "what am I going to get out of it" and "where is my logo going to be posted because of this contribution" from organizations and businesses.


alex and i are almost to dallas, texas. as conversations blur around me, i pick up words now and again to subconsciously file away as part of "the experience"

...ladies and gentlemen we just...
...that's great, I wonder if...
...and we ran into...

laughter here and there, cabinets closing, magazine pages turning

fingerprints and other unidentifiable smudges are on the window to my right. it makes me wonder who was peering from this seat before me, then immediately my curiosity switches gears to wondering how often they disinfect the windows and chrome covered arm rests.

excitement is growing in my chest just thinking about stretching my legs, butt sore from sitting so long, neck stiff from reading. i can feel alex hug my foot in between his two warm feet as he watches the tv screen. no headphones to hear the dialog, but the stimulation from seeing something other then the tops of other passengers heads is enough to suck you in. it's frasier. his balding head and clumsiness distracts my attention until the pressure starts to build in my ears from the descent.

i can see why some people might enjoy flying. when you're in the air everything looks small - distant. it doesn't matter if you have a leaky faucet or if the main highway is backed up with traffic. from up here you can actually see the big picture, just how small everything is when it stands alone.

"flight attendants please prepare for landing"

houses come into focus, cars look like busy ants in a uniform line, the plane bounces and makes random beeping noises. it's not until we hit the landing strip that people are visible, surroundings are eye level, thoughts of the big picture disappear and before you know it you're honking your horn on the highway trying to get home in time to call the plumber.


22nd October 2007

Not only does your dream job sound wonderful, but you should consider WRITING too!!!!!!!!!!! You are very good with words and are a joy to read. Glad you're home safe and sound. I love you, mom xxoo
23rd October 2007

what what. yeah. what your mom said. you could always write for a travel magazine and do the graphoc design layouts OR you could travel, create your own travel magazine, do the layouts and sell issues to under-developed fisherman.
28th October 2007

Thank You!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing your adventure! I can appreciate the fact that you shared this experience with someone you care about. Can't wait for your next destination.

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