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December 28th 2017
Published: December 28th 2017
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Grand Haven is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of Ottawa County. The city has an active beach resort with boating, sailing, fishing, skating etc. alongside connecting campgrounds and recreational areas where you can get the best of your vacation.

Grand Haven City, also houses key historical locations, including the Grand Haven Memorial Airport, which is located at 16446 Comstock St, Grand Haven, MI 49417, USA.

Why should you ship your basic and luxury vehicles to Grand Haven, Michigan, instead of driving it?

Do you know that the central routes to Grand Haven city, Michigan is open to unconditional constructions? As a matter of fact, Michigan department of transportation MDOT, advises private and public drivers regarding work zone fatalities.

Why therefore would you choose to ruin your pleasures this holiday period with the face of an awful traffic or constant pit-stops, when you can shift the task a reliable auto shipping service - while you make your new year journey stress and hassle free?

Hence, below are few reasons why you should ship your vehicle to Grand Haven City.

1. Vehicle’s safety:

Driving a very far distance can be insecure, particularly if it’s not something you’re experienced about.

Due to an intensive international or interstate journey, your classic cars might begin to wear out gradually. Also, you might likely have one of these awful conditions like overheating, punctured/flat tyre, bump rust, amongst others. However, auto shipping entails careful parking or hauling of your vehicle into a transporter truck and bringing it down at the point of delivery.

2.Time efficiency:

If you are intending to spend some time in Haven City, you can have your car shipped earlier while you come on the next plane. Instead of having to spend those hours driving your car, you can decide to pass the responsibility to auto transporters while you use the same time to check the news, respond the emails or catch fun with awesome views.

Besides, some car some car shipping carriers plan tracks before sending their drivers out for delivery, thereby making their drivers go through the fastest route to deliver your vehicle to you in due time.

3. For Comfort:

One of the significant benefits of auto transportation is the fact that it brings comfort. With vehicle shipping companies, the responsibility of moving your vehicle from one state to another is being shifted, while your journey becomes swift and easy.

For example, the door-to-door delivery option, is a kind of service that some auto transport bodies use grant extreme comfort to their customers by picking up their vehicle at doorstep and delivering it at the doorstep of the bargained destination.

4. It is cost efficient:

Some international journey takes more than 72 hours drive to arrive at your destination. Now add up the cost of fuel, food and drinks, hotel lodge and the three day car maintenance. Then compare it to the cost of just travelling by yourself and shipping your car. Is it worth it?

How Much Does It Cost To Move Your Car To and From Haven, Michigan:

The single most common misconception about auto transportation and the most important focus of any auto transport quote is the rate.

Most of all, the cost of shipping your vehicle to and from Haven, Michigan depends on the auto transport company you are dealing with. Meanwhile, some other factors that determines the cost of using our Haven, Michigan auto transport service are:

1. Vehicle condition:

Another considerable factor that affects the cost of transporting your POV or corporate cars to and from Haven city is the condition of the vehicle. Is your car moveable or inoperable?

For instance, there’s going to be a significant increase in the cost of shipping your crashed SUV home, because inoperable vehicles require special kits as well as take an additional time to haul them into the transporter’s truck.

2. The size of the vehicle:

The size of your vehicle also tells on the amount you’ll spend shipping it. Small and compact cars tends to occupy less space in the transporters truck and weigh less (which reflects into a reduced cost) compared to big vans.

3. Delivery Option:

The delivery option you choose will also determine the cost of conveying your vehicle to and from Haven City, Michigan. Open air carrier is cheaper than enclosed auto transport services, while door to door service option would cost more than terminal to terminal.

4. How soon do you need your vehicle:

This is another key factor that determines how much you’ll spend shipping your car. If you have enough time to plan, then you can go with the basics but if you want your car so soon, you’ll have to consider paying an additional cost.

5. Distance of transportation:

The distance between your pick up point and the point of delivery is another factor that determines how much you’ll spend shipping your vehicle. The farther the distance, the more the cost.

6. Altered Vehicle Parts:

If your car has being altered in any form, for instance lift kits; which makes your car taller, extra bulgy tyres, dual rear wheel, etc., it would require a special kind of handling and this would most likely alter the cost of transporting that vehicle.

By Line:

It’s festive period, and a remarkable number of people are planning to travel for the holidays, meanwhile only a few would ultimately enjoy their journey.

Save yourself from being a negative statistics by entrusting your vehicles to a trustworthy auto transport service today, and thank me after.



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