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October 11th 2019
Published: October 12th 2019
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On approach to Detroit.
Travel day at last. The itinerary is Savannah to Detroit which was a good flight. Now there’s a 4 hour layover which gives me time to think about what I’ve inevitably forgotten and see if I can think of any additional supplies that might be needed and are available at the super inflated airport prices. Next flight is Detroit to Seoul South Korea - a nice 13+ hour flight, which I’m still hoping that the middle seat is still unoccupied. I’ll be hoping against the Eastern European weight lifter with an asthmatic service animal who loves misses seats. Once there, the next flight is on to Bangkok. Not sure if it’s 4 or 6 hours, and at that point it really doesn’t matter. Local time in Bangkok is 11 hours ahead of East coast time. Added a test photo just to see if it works, and it appears to work much smoother than before.

Its a nice clear day in Seoul. Still a couple hours until the last flight. This one is only a 4 hourS. On the last flight, I watched a couple movies - The Longest Day, a classic about the D-Day invasion with just about every famous actor of the 60’s showing up at some point. And then Creed II. Watched the first on my last training trip. just some additional motivation for boxing. The flight turned out to be 100% booked, seems like they all are lately. That’s probably as exciting as it gets today, and I’m getting sleepy just sitting here at the gate. Next update from Bangkok!


12th October 2019

And so it begins..
You stole that from Transform!! And so we begin....! Safe travels!
13th October 2019

Did I? Or did they steal it from me.... just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

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