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Bonjour à tous Ce matin réveil très tôt. De l'extérieur l'hôtel bien, la chambre bien, mais il donne sur la rue (voir sur la photo la chamdre en bas a droite) les étudiants diplômés du matin ont bien évacués leur stress, mais le pire le métro, il passe sous la bâtisse, on l' entend bien et on sent bien les vibrations, et ce matin à 5h le camion poubelle ¼ d' heure pour l' immeuble voisin. Ce qui m' a permis d' être 8 h a l'entrée du campus d'Harvard. J'avais bien vu c'est magnifique, là aussi problème, devant toutes les bâtisses les chapiteaux ayant servis aux graduations, et je suppose aux réceptions, étaient encore installés, ou en cours de démontage. Donc très peu de photos, alors qu' il y aurait eu des plans splendides. Mais ... read more
sur le bord de la route
bibliotheqe d' Harvard

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 28th 2015

Bonjour à tous Pour les puristes. hier c' était 230 km. J' ai eu des remarques. Bravo, vous suivez bien. En me levant ce matin, j'avais une idée en tête, me rendre à l'université d' Harvard et à l' université de Cambridge au MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology), pour déposer mon inscription. Je décide de m'y rendre a pied, renseignements pris c'est à 5 km environ, et en regardant ma carte, je vois que sur le parcours il y a plein de choses intéressantes a voir. Oui je fais parti des ces vieux c.. qui utilisent une carte, et pas une apli. Avec un IPhone, j' aurais raté plein de petites choses superbes. Je l'aurais tourné dans tous les sens, comme ma carte, j' ai vu faire les touristes. La seul chose que j' aurais eu, ... read more
Beacon street
Boston de nuit
a la mémoire des anciens combatants

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 27th 2015

Bonjour a tous Parlons du souper d'hier au soir, j' ai quitté l' hôtel a pied, pour marcher un peu, et me rendre sur le vieux port de Portland, je suis rentré dans un restaurant en terrasse sur le quai, un monde fou, de la musique, super sympa, une clientèle agréable et, cerise sur le gâteau, a la carte "macaroni et homard gratiné au fromage". Plus d'hésitation je fonce. Je pense qu' il y avait plus de homard que de macaroni. Un régal et le mot est faible. le prix une misère 15$ car l' assiette était énorme. Les 3 km de retour, a pied, n' étaient pas de trop. Ce matin de l'essence pour le char. J' étais sur la réserve depuis un certain temps et pas de station, j' ai vraiment commencé a flipper. ... read more
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une vue de Portland

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston May 26th 2015

BOSTON! MIA -> BOS So i arrived to Boston Logan International Airport at around 10 a.m, quick day trip ,i only had a few hours to get a quick look at the city, wasn't expecting much ,didn't really had my hope up, but man i was in for a surprise! .i Started up in the airport by trying for the first time Uber after a couple of co workers and buddy's recommend it to me and fair enough it is GREAT i got the app ,sign up, and bow first ride has 30 dollars off! Boston Logan International Airport to the Boston common park Free Ride, 100 times better then any taxi. So we started but by wondering around Beacon Hill ,this beautiful neighborhood was great for a morning walk ,also got to check out Acorn ... read more
Old City Hall
Bunker Hill Monument

Last night and tonight spent at a campsite in Salisbury, MA. Small (described as a parking lot in one of the reviews!) but well organised and spotlessly clean. Free wifi, laundry and cable TV so just like home from home really. We spent today visiting Newburyport and Rockport, via Ipswich and Essex. Even more like home!! Both are lovely old ports with lots of restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlours. The locals are charming; people stop to chat and are thrilled when they hear we are from England. We discuss the new Princess, the weather and any connection (however tenuous) with the UK. One man was telling us in detail about his sister who got married in Scotland just after the war, until he got dragged off by his wife mid story. I think she ... read more

May the bloody 13th. Fifty is such a ridiculous age and clearly nothing to do with me. Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes anyway. Spent yesterday and overnight on Cape Cod which is very pretty, all weatherboarded houses and beautiful beaches. They seem not to develop their beaches in the same way we do.... Not a kiss me quick hat or slot machine in sight... Just miles of dunes and sandy beaches. We walked across the salt marshes and along the beach for about a mile. Spencer contemplated a swim until he saw the shallows were inundated by the weirdest crab things ever.... Horse shoe crabs apparently, about a foot long and definitely prehistoric!! You'll have to google if you want to see them as, yes, you guessed it, no camera!!! We had lunch ... read more
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North America » United States » Massachusetts April 25th 2015

We will be back at the Silver Lake High School in about 30-40 minutes. We just told the students to call home and let you know. ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts April 25th 2015

check out the picture. Does anyone recognize this bag?-Maybe someone took the wrong one home ? ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts April 19th 2015

Less than 24 hours until the buses depart from Silver Lake High School in Kingston! Hello Parents! In less than 24 hours you will be "sadly" waving goodbye to your child as we embark on this week long trip! Enjoy your free time and take advantage of it! My name is Katie Steele (Mr. Steele's daughter). I have been going on this trip since I was 5 years old (I am a wapping 26 now). This will be my 5th year chaperoning the trip. I love DC and know it like the back of my hand! My plan is to update the blog as much as possible so you can see what fun we are having! This is my first blog so bear with me! I will do my best to attach photos and updates of ... read more

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