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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston January 20th 2016

Okay so the dreaded bus journey was nothing short of pleasant. Lots of legroom, plug socket wifi, clean toilets. Its funny really because instead of locals all we could hear across the bus was different accents and languages from around the world. It seems as though while the locals avoid such journeys, tourists and travellers make the most of them. No 'recently released' prisoners making their way home, we think. This was however with the newer bus-line 'Megabus', either way gives us hope for Greyhound. Boston has so much history to it. We never really knew much about the oldest city in the states or even much about how the US won independence prior to our stay here (we blame school). Only thing we were really aware of was its large Irish community and the popular ... read more
Old and the new
Following the footsteps of the freedom trail
Relaxing by the port

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston January 10th 2016

Our departure from Rutland, Vermont, headed to Boston for Martin Luther King weekend was a bit delayed because of treacherous road conditions. Once we got on the road, Beth, and her new car, handled the condition very well. It was my first "On Star" experience and I highly recommend it (although I still used the map feature on my phone). We got into our rooms at the Faneuil Hall Hilton, 89 Broad St, earlier than the posted check in time, freshened up and headed out for the Old Town Trolley (I bought us three-day tickets on-line in advance for 30% of the rack rate). We got our money's worth with "BEAR" our Boston driver/narrator. He took us from the Quincy Market stop along the harbor through the North End (Little Italy) to the stop for the ... read more
Blue Man's Giant, Colorful Balls
Blue Man Group Charles Playhouse
Fire and Ice

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Falmouth January 10th 2016

We are fortunate to be occasional guests with our long time friends (we met when our children, now in their 40's were enrolled in Nursery School in Burnt Hills) at their home in East Falmouth, MA. The house had been a delightful summer "playhouse" for generations of the family before Doc did an extreme make-over to make it an even more delightful year round home for the couple to retire to. Paula dragged me out shopping. I was kicking and screaming; but she is so persuasive! Our first port of call was a bit of a disappointment as it was Monday and like so many antique shops, consignment boutiques and restaurants across the nation - that could only mean that "Close Call Consignment Shop at 630 Palmer Avenue was CLOSED. We peeked in the windows, admired ... read more
Still Life With Wet Paint
Palmer Street From the Gallery
Paula at the Sidewalk Rack Real Bodies

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston December 21st 2015

Delicious and SO Christmassy : )... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston November 1st 2015

Hi all We are now sitting in a hotel room in Boston having left our base this morning in Pepperell, Massachusetts. Since Niagara we have visited a few more places, namely Salisbury beach and Hampton Beach where there were some beautiful summer homes just like you see in the movies. We also went to Cape Cod again and visited a lovely little town called Falmouth where we saw some wild turkeys just wandering around (making the most of it before thanksgiving!) and there were lots of scarecrows in various types of dress outside shops in the main street depending on the shop they were depicting. We had our lunch in the car that day, parked right in front of the beach, sun shining so wound the windows down and had a little nap, only to be ... read more
00 Beach walk
00 Caught speeding!
00 Hampton Beach House

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 30th 2015

We arrived in Boston after a fairly successful overnight journey from Washington – the coach was empty and we managed to commandeer a whole row each, making lying down possible and almost comfortable! With a day to spare until the much anticipated arrival of Ebba and Anna, we decided to head out to New Haven, Connecticut, to see Yale University. It was well worth a trip and we spent a lovely warm, sunny afternoon pottering around the university grounds, through the Old Campus ‘intellectual spotting’ – there were many bespectacled hipsters sitting around under trees pretending to be intelligent. The next day, we arrived at Boston Airport with hours to spare, excited to see our guests… Anna arrived first and she and I were deep in conversation as birthday girl Ebba seemed to appear out of ... read more
Yale, obviously.
Mr Harvard (apparently not actually the true founder)!

Part 1 I moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 2006 to be near my daughter and her family. I am happy here. The kids have grown from needy 2 and 5 year olds to independent 11 and 14 year olds. I have my own little house which is a perfect size (read that as comfy chairs, serene bedroom and a tiny kitchen). I have friends to swim with, write with, speak Spanish with, travel with, go to dinner, movies or plays with...I have a good life here. Still, every year I have a longing and need to return 'home' to Massachusetts where I lived for sixty-four years. Yes, I am a Yankee in the south. My need is centered on the deep friendships I had there, the different terrain- from the mountains to the ocean, and my ... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 24th 2015

My beautiful cousin was getting married and what better way to celebrate than to join them as she became hitched and then following that up with an extremely early morning with the destination being Boston to run a race. This isn't the first time Derik and I have done wedding than race but it might be the only time that he wanted to kill me for it. But I mean when groupon comes out with a deal for the Boston Raid... and you are only an hour away... why not take advantage of it?????? That is the question I posed towards Derik with my puppy dog eyes and he gave in.. because he loves me.. or because I was annoying and he didn't want to hear any more about that race. YAY We headed out later ... read more
Wedding Time!
Starting Line
USS Constitution

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Danvers October 22nd 2015

Since I had issues on Day 1 getting my pictures from camera to computer this is belated. Instead of "I will miss them" this is I am really, really missing them. I also just want to acknowledge my awesome hubby for supporting this trip. He could have said no and I might or might not have ended up doing it anyway - but he knows how much fun I have traveling with Becky - and it's been a long, Long, LONG time since I've had a real vacation (Florida notwithstanding ;). Anyway. Love them, miss them, Hubs and my fur babies.... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem October 22nd 2015

Finally! I headed to Salem today. I love Salem. What a fun, interesting, educational day. I walked my feet off (12,998 steps according to my Garmin). It goes without saying that New England is beautiful in the fall. I love they way people decorate their homes with a combination of Halloween and Fall. I love to see the leaves falling. I love how the leaves flutter around your vehicle as you drive down the street. I love how you walk down streets of houses that look exactly like you think they would look and then all of the sudden you can see the harbor. But let's start at the beginning. I had the most fun taxi drivers today. Ed took me to Salem. Ed is a stereotypical Bostonian cab driver - accent included. He was awesome. ... read more
Oldest Cemetery
God knows I am innocent.

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