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T(here) EDGE DWELLERS There is nothing as beautiful as the sadness of one who is blind in Granada. Spanish proverb There is an Irish poet in love with landscape who believes that thresholds are sacred places places where one reality bleeds into another from forest melting into dune spilling onto beach drifting into ocean magical spiritual places and if there ever was a magical threshold it is t(here) on Cape Cod this poet also says that a great journey needs plenty of time it should not be rushed I use t(here) because travel always involves a there but it is here where I am wishing for wanderlust but alas I am trapped happily here standing on a threshold thinking I’ll go t(here) and take a very long journey a trip that takes a lot of time ... read more
Ferns Emerging
Young Leaves
Threshold Bells

North America » United States » Massachusetts » New Bedford February 19th 2020

ARE YE A SLAVE FOR LIFE? Mr. Douglass thus once harnessed flicks the leather reins clicks his tongue the old red horse leans into the sweat stained straps buckles soaked leather stable smell carriage wheels steel rimmed horses nickering iron furnace shoes hard on cobbles laid tight by freemen rows running on and on Union Street Water Street Market Street Purchase Street ropey welts on his back not long ago raised they are cruel coarse weavings raptors laying their nests on his shoulders with nothing like feathery grass or feathers themselves woven rather with finger width sticks of scarred flesh split and congealed bicep branches the lash the cowhide clotted lash braille like that blind fingers could trace and sense the outrage with a shiver they speak to him now as the winter touches them through ... read more
Father reading from The Narrative
Son reading from The Narrative
Reader inside First Unitarian Church

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston January 1st 2020

Thankfully the day dawned slightly less arctic and wet than previous and we felt confident that the New Year’s celebrations would go ahead. Geoff headed to Samuel Adams for his morning mash beer tasting and the girls and I took it easy at home. After yet another turkey meal (sadly not the last), we braved the weather and wandered to the Common. It seems that word had spread from Central Park and we were greeted by many squirrels. Thankfully they had also heard of my love of a boneyard, so hung in there to keep the younger participants occupied while I meandered through the headstones. A quick visit to Copley Square revealed that yesterday’s weather had delayed the ice sculptures so we retreated to a cafe for some warming snacks. Some more squirrel time, this time ... read more
Artistic reflection shot

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston December 30th 2019

And we saw a few! Wet dogs that is...only precious few souls braving this truly ridiculous weather. When we were on the interstate, there were signs up warning a ‘winter weather advisory’ - storms, wind, ice...’a wintry mix’ so my weather app told me. Apparently a wintry mix in Boston is rain mixed with sleet, mixed with horizontal rain and sleet mixed with wind whipping your legs so it feels like -9 (so says my app) until you can’t actually feel your legs at all! But bugger that, we’ve a city to explore! I will admit to a slightly slower start than normal and a sternly issued warning that it was raining yes, and it was cold, yes, but I was NOT GOING TO LISTEN TO WHINGING. So, a quick fire visit to Boston Common (wet ... read more
Who doesn’t love an old yard of bones?! This one holds those of Benjamin Franklin’s parents.

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston December 29th 2019

Had an early start today, in contrast to our customary 10.00 lie in of the last few days. Our destination was still a surprise for Beeb, which we had code-named ‘making gingerbread’. So she was quite surprised when we turned up in an empty field with some ruined buildings. The surprise could last no longer as we headed towards a couple of Harris Hawks tethered to perches in the field. We had arrived at New England Falconry. After a quick rundown on the behaviour of the birds and the history of falconry, we took to the field to practise this craft. The girls were given a glove and shown what to do, and as if it had been trained to do so, the hawk flew from the tree to their glove, sat there for a while ... read more
So happy!
A lynx!

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston October 27th 2019

Today we were in Boston, Massachusetts. I have been here before and he has not. It is a town enveloped in history. He considers it the birthplace of Boston Cream Pie. Okay, maybe it’s that too? Let’s back up… last night we went to one of the outdoor pool decks to see a movie – Yesterday. Kamie got us warmed blankets and we bundled-up. It really wasn’t that cool – in the high 50s. It was such a sweet movie.. the music, the storyline, and the comedy. The ship docked in Boston just after 5am this morning while it was still dark outside. Our TV said 52 degrees with 94% humidity. It was so foggy we could barely see the lights of Boston directly in front of us. We took an Uber to the Quincy Hall ... read more
Funky chair on ship
Cell wall
Ready to watch the outdoor movie

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Brewster August 21st 2019

Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachussetts, 15 juillet Le tout petit État du Rhode Island mérite que l'on s'y arrête, que vous soyez amateur d'architecture et d'histoire, de voile ou de musique. C'est à Newport, petite ville de 25 000 habitants joliment installée sur l'île Aquidneck au coeur de la baie de Narragansett, que l'on peut profiter de toutes ces merveilles. Après des débuts mouvementés lors de la Guerre d'indépendance américaine, Newport fut un lieu de villégiature huppé dès la fin du dix-neuvième siècle et les richissimes familles qui venaient ici passer quelques semaines estivales ont fait bâtir de véritables châteaux, les "mansions". Les magnats du rail comme les Vanderbilt ou du charbon comme les Berwind n'ont pas lésiné sur les moyens et la promenade le long de Bellevue avenue nous dévoile des dizaines de ces magnifiques manoirs ... read more
En mer
En mer
New London, Connecticut

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston August 2nd 2019

July 30, 2019 - Boston, MA - Weather: 93.2°F/34°C, Clear skies, no wind This cruise adventure actually started with a series of car trips: first Waterloo to Ottawa followed by a casual two-day drive down to Boston. The trip to Ottawa was necessitated, in part, by an offer from our good friends to drive us to and from Boston for our cruise. While in Ottawa we celebrated B’s birthday with a house and garden tour in Almonte followed by a delicious dinner over in Gatineau. On our way through Boston we took the opportunity to stop at the excellent John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, before heading on to our hotel for the night in Quincy, MA., just south of Boston. Tuesday morning saw us navigate the heavy Boston traffic and confusing one-way streets before ... read more
3_Birthday dinner
4_JFK Library
5_Audio:visual display

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston June 19th 2019

Une fois rendus dans la région de Boston nous voulions voir Salem et ses sorcières! L'endroit n'est pas très long à visiter et l'attrait est dans les souvenirs de toutes sortes qui se rapportent à la magie. La pluie était au rendez-vous et même la brûme nous a empêché de voir le phare tout près. Une journée décevante finalement. Après une journée de repos et de pluie, c'est la visite de Boston, le soleil brille et le tour de ville en autobus nous à permis de voir les bâtisses et les lieux intéressants. Nous avons fait un arrêt au centre ville pour marcher dans le parc public et plus tard nous avons découvert 'Market Place' avec son 'fast food' incroyable, chinois, Thai, Indien, pâtisserie..etc malheureusement c'était à la fin de la journée et il fallait prendre ... read more

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