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North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem July 16th 2018

This morning we arise and head over to our Build Day here in Salem, which is unique in that we are not the only group working with this affiliate, but we also get a tour of the city's art morals throughout the city to help with beautification. With a large group of probably 40 folks, its difficult to hear all the details about all of the morals, but they sure do prove to be very beautiful and meaningful, some of which were completed by famous artists--don't ask me which ones, I'm no Fact Finder ;) After our moral tour, talk, and picture taking, we walk our way back to the storage warehouse we will be working out of and stand in a circle and go around giving our names, which group we are with, and what ... read more
My Starry Night Masterpiece
Witch House
Sunflowers + Jeeps <3

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem July 15th 2018

This morning we head out of the parking lot where I bid my "see you later" to Sabrina just a few hours ago, with NJ and her friend in leader van, allowing an additional rider to be on the road today. Despite having more of us on the road today, I ride a date day with none other but Dillan. Though its strange to not ride with any of my teammates, all summer I have been averaging riding with whatever alums join us for a day or two, so its not different than previous patterns. A few miles in, an alum from Beth Haley's P2S08 ride meets up with us on the left side of the road in an empty lot in Westin with popsicles and pups :)) We stop for second breakfast pops, pup pets, ... read more
My riding buddy for the day!
This is What Dreams are Made of!
Sibling Love

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem July 13th 2018

Things looked pretty bleak blog-wise yesterday evening as Sharon unpacked the laptop and was going to post the previous day’s blog. The laptop was misbehaving as she sat on the bed while I was tuning into the news in our lounge area. We have two TVs so we just might survive the next six days. I heard her mutter something; which, I recognized as a mutter that wasn’t to be ignored. I came into the bedroom and she declared, “It’s broken.” I’m thinking, our laptop which we need for the blog, which I need for trivia, which we need for handling pictures on our vacation, IS BROKEN! It wasn’t what I remembered as “the blue screen of death”; but, it did look pretty non-responsive. She tried re-booting, and I thought she was having success; but, the ... read more
Sign in old Cemetery
Coast near Salem

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem May 17th 2017

Blogging from another platform since the blog I started (Travelpod) is going to be closed down. Scouts is good for more than just the boys! Another scout mom and I went down to MA for a couple things. The first one was another Minuteman reenactment. Since the weather was expected to be lousy some events got moved around to the point of where we did more self guiding, but that was okay. Exploring at a much less rushed pace than the last time we visited. It amazes me that buildings were made so sturdy hundreds of years ago so some parts of them still last today. I took a video of an original chimney/fireplace that was covered so things (people/weather/animals etc) wouldn't destroy it. You can still see some burnt wood in it. Among the places ... read more
British soldiers

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem March 20th 2017

Have I mentioned before how much I love that Salem is literally a fifteen minute drive away? It's awesome! So today our big plan was to explore as much of Salem as possible. Unfortunately, Chris woke up with a migraine, and he was out. So he stayed at the house to pound meds and sleep it off while the rest of us went on our daytrip. I took the baby with me. Thankfully I had my brothers to help keep an eye on her. Our first stop was the Nathaniel Hawthorne House of Seven Gables. The only Hawthorne book I've actually read is Scarlet Letter (which I loved back in high school) but I was interested in seeing the house anyway, which was inspiration for one of his other works. We paid for our guided tour, ... read more
Salem Art
Salem Art
Nathaniel Hawthorne

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem October 22nd 2015

Finally! I headed to Salem today. I love Salem. What a fun, interesting, educational day. I walked my feet off (12,998 steps according to my Garmin). It goes without saying that New England is beautiful in the fall. I love they way people decorate their homes with a combination of Halloween and Fall. I love to see the leaves falling. I love how the leaves flutter around your vehicle as you drive down the street. I love how you walk down streets of houses that look exactly like you think they would look and then all of the sudden you can see the harbor. But let's start at the beginning. I had the most fun taxi drivers today. Ed took me to Salem. Ed is a stereotypical Bostonian cab driver - accent included. He was awesome. ... read more
Oldest Cemetery
God knows I am innocent.

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem April 9th 2015

Arrived in Boston and drove to Salem. We went into HOuse of the Seven Gables this is the site of the famous author Nathaniel Hawthrone. We then went to the Salem Witch Museum. We saw old snow on the ground, but more exciting was that it started to snow.... read more

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Salem August 29th 2013

On Saturday the 24th of August, Sally and I took a day trip with friends to the town of Salem Massachusetts. Sally kept saying that we were going to find us a witch. Salem was a town we had read about but with it being so near it sounded like it would be an interesting day trip. One of the first sights that we saw in Salem was the House of the Seven Gables. The house was built in 1668 by Captain John Turner and was the inspiration for the book of the same name by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Right next door is the birthplace of Hawthorne built about 1750 and relocation to the site of the House of the Seven Gables in 1958. We also visited 'The Burying Point' which is the oldest cemetery in Salem ... read more
House of the Seven Gables
House of the Seven Gables
Birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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