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November 13th 2011
Published: October 1st 2017
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Began the day with a driver to Plymouth Harbor. The town is not that exciting, but we did find a strange Chinese restaurant/keno bar for lunch. We walked through the town, visiting the reconstructed Mayflower. Felt compelled to make stupid tourist comment like, "My goodness! It's so small! And where would I plug in my hairdryer?" Of course, it is always interesting to see how tiny these transatlantic ships were. We then walked to see the Rock, which is also small. It's really a little boulder in the sand. The signs say it used to be bigger, broke when being moved, and now it is hard to imagine how much it captured the American imagination. Even at full size, it never neared the size as described in legend.

Our main stop of the day was Plymouth Plantation. It was freezing cold, so we got a good sense of how unpleasant it might have been to live there. The introductory video was fine. The first stop is the village for the native groups, where locals undertake activities of the past but do not play roles of past inhabitants. You never know whether to ask the questions in past tense or present tense. I was most amazed by the large swaths of bark used to build the homes: dampened, smoked, then pried away.

The immigrant/pilgrim village is inhabited by role players. We tried to avoid them but did enjoy a longish conversation with one, who was not all that interested in pretending it was 1624. He didn't step out of role, wasn't listening to a iPod or anything ... he just didn't insist on bringing up what year it was.

By the end, we were very cold, and it was time to head into town. We checked into the hotel at the airport, then walked to Legal Seafoods for dinner. Back to the hotel so that we did a full circuit around the airport. To bed, since we have a very early flight tomorrow.

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