Published: June 30th 2009
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Super quick update. I didn't get to to publish the last entry because we had a LBD just as I was finishing. An LBD is NOT fun. It's a Lost Bather Drill which means we have to leg it to a central place and drop off our kids and then run to the lake and wade around in the water until we find the drowning child or everyone has responded to the drill depending if it's a practice or not. We've had two so far and I've been pretty lucky. The first time I got there first and I got to stand on the side and shout out orders and the second time we'd scheduled time up at the EDC and we get to stay up there unless it's a real emergency.

So the kids have arrived now, I'm working with the Brownie Program this week which is great. We've got the three smallest cutest little kids and it's great fun. So far we haven't had any tears and they seem to be all getting along great. Because we have such a small group of kids we get to take time off whenever we need pretty much so we can organise it so we're up by the computers. Which means I'll be able to write here more often this week. I don't know how often I'll get to take the Brownies though. I'm going to try to get Iron Chef next week which is an older program but still seems fun.

I have to get up in the morning to take my kids down to Turtles which is an early morning activity they can do. They get a choice between Turtles and Polar Bears. At Polar Bears they go for an early morning swim and play some games in the lake. At turtles they play games on land or do dancing or Tai Chi. We're having our photographs taken as well so I get to put my uniform back on... Unfortunately I got a small amount of pizza on mine the other day and didn't notice till I was putting my clothes out for tomorrow so I'll have to try hand my staff tie over the food... oops.

Quick heads up to those people I promised to write to who might be reading this it's proving difficult to get my hands on international stamps. So I'll send things just as soon as I possibly can.

Byeee x


30th June 2009

if you have a printer, you can print out your own stamps here maybe...

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