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Poet, novelist and travel writer William Graham lives in Stowe, Vermont. His latest novel is url= Red: A Pablo Nelson Mystery, which is set in Chile’s Atacama Desert. His latest poetry collection is url= Springs:Haiku from Vermont and Other Poems. Nantucket is an island 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. But at one time it was part of the mainland until about 5,000 years ago. After the glaciers had receded, the ocean crept into the valleys and cut the land off, creating the island we know today. That is the dry, scientific explanation. A more colorful story involves the Wa... read more
Cobblestone Street in Nantucket
Whale Skeleton af the Nantucket Whaling Museum
Sankaty Lighthouse

I went for my traditional photo walk around the tip of the bay towards a cute lighthouse to look for a quite place to call my family. While I was on the phone I noticed a seagull diving into the water catching something and flying away. As it flew away it dropped whatever it caught on the dock and then it flew down and cought it afain just to drop it once more. Very quickly I figured out that it was cracking the shell to eat the animal inside it. I thought it was fun to try to photgraph the behaviour and I just put my phone in the pocket while I spent some time watching two seagulls going around in loops diving down for shells, cracking them on the dock eating them and doing it ... read more
 Seagulls-Nantucket- MA-3
 Seagulls-Nantucket- MA-4
 Seagulls-Nantucket- MA-5

We left Martha’s Vineyard a day early to bit a storm and make it to Nantucket. Everyone was very exited to get there. Much more more to do (Martha’s Vineyard is a “Dry town” with not to many restaurants and bars to go to). One of the daughters of the boss and a couple friends of theirs were going to be onboard for almost a week and of course we were looking forward to our Sunday Funday. I went for a couple of morning walks but not many because the storm was strong and it was rainy, cold and foggy during our time there. One of the biggest yachts even got in trouble and lost their starboard anchor and got pushed into the dock against their million and a half dollar tender. All the crews on ... read more
Nantucket- MA-3
Nantucket- MA-19
Nantucket- MA-4

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This blog is about a side-trip we took when we were visiting Cape Cod. Nantucket (known locally as “the Gray Lady” because of its frequent fog) is a small island located about 30 miles (50km) south of Cape Cod. Its population has fluctuated widely over the centuries, but there are now about 10,000 residents, many of them wealthy writers, artists, actors, businessmen and politicians. In summer its population swells five-fold with tourists and cottagers. English farmers and seafarers began to settle in the mid-1600s, but by the end of that century whaling had become its principal industry. It was the whaling capital of the world! Since petroleum had not yet been discovered, whales were highly valued for their oil and blubber, and fortunes were made. By the mid-1800s a series of problems beset the island: a ... read more
We took this ferry from Hyannis for a two hour trip.
approaching the island
Nantucket harbour.  The town bears the same name as the island.

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