Day Thirty-Six...

Published: July 29th 2015
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...and another trip to Plymouth. This time to hopefully meet up with more Houlihan cousins. Mike left a phone message about a week ago explaining who he was and who he was trying to reach. The voice on the outgoing message sounded too old to be either cousin, but he left the message anyway. The cousins live in the lower half of a duplex. Maybe if the phone belonged to the upper apartment, they'd pass along the message. He never heard back from them so today we took the chance and headed to Plymouth.

We made our way to the main street that runs along the waterfront and, of course, turned the wrong way. We should have turned away from downtown. Around the block we go...sort of. At one point in our meandering I turned to Mike and told him I hoped he had SOME idea of where we were in our quest for Centennial Street. We passed the Forefathers' Monument and kept going. Eventually I spied the somewhat obscured street sign for Centennial; too late to do anything about it. Around the block again...for real this time.

We pull up to what we're hoping is the right house. The screen door is closed but the front door is open. Mike knocked on the answer. He opened the door, stepped into the foyer, tiptoed over to the open door of the lower apartment and called answer. He came back outside and walked around to peak around the back of the house...nothing. This isn't looking we have the right house??? He came back around to the front of the house and a woman was at the screen door. Mike asked her, "Are you Trish?" She hesitantly answered back, "Yes, who are you?"

Whew, right house. "I'm your cousin, Mike, from Seattle." And in the house we go. The Houlihan cousins are so numerous that it seems we are the ones to catch them up on how the other cousins are doing. Each successive stop at a Houlihan household forwards more information than the last. We'd visited Trish and her sister Cindy when we were out in '06 with the kids, so they were not new to me. It was nice to see them again. Cindy is now a two-years retired school teacher. Trish is also a woman of leisure and will become a grandmother again in February.

Mike asked about the phone number he left the message with. It turns out it does belong to the upstairs apartment, but the woman who lives there, their Aunt Dot, was in a nursing home recovering from a fall. I'm sure they'll have a giggle when they get around to listening to the message.

Mike has been collecting current phone numbers from each of the relatives he's visited and this time was no different. Contact information is added to his phone and photos are taken before the end of the visit.

When we arrived back home, Kathy had NACAR on the tv in the living room. She's a HUGE race fan. She doesn't just watch the race, she watches the days of qualifying leading up to the main event on Sunday. If she's not home to watch them live, she records them to watch later.

Bob and Alyson joined us for dinner and Carol came over later for leftovers. She fell asleep after wrestling with one of her dogs, trying to give it a bath and haircut. It's very exhausting!


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