Day Thirty-Five...

Published: July 27th 2015
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…Bob snagged Mike to help him at the Nemasket Hill Cemetery. Mike actually volunteered, but Bob didn’t hesitate to take him up on it. While they toiled away mowing, weed-eating and filling holes, Kathy and I ran errands. On our way home from her errands, we drove by the cemetery to see how the work was going. They were nearly finished. Bob appreciated Mike’s help. They got so much accomplished. Mike was a very useful engine.

Our schedule this week isn’t nearly as packed with outings as the last two were. We’re doing more “everyday” activities and just hanging out at home. I get the feeling the people around us are worried we’ll get bored if we’re not going and doing, but honestly I like the down time. It also gives me big chunks of time to catch up on the blog. And Mike putters around doing little things like taking care of the hummingbirds and stringing new clothesline.

After puttering around the house and yard, we got ready to go on a double date with Bob and Mary...dinner and a movie. Dinner at Chili’s in Kingston and “Trainwreck” at the theaters in the mall nearby. It was a late night, but it was an opportunity to spend more time with Bob and Mary away from the group.


28th July 2015

Caught up
I had the union convention so haven't been able to read until today. Dad and I are caught up although you ended three days before today. I am loving traveling vicariously through your blog! Love to you both,.
29th July 2015

Binge Blogging
I'm saving 2 or 3 (or 5) days' worth of blogging so I can use an entire day catching up so you can all binge read them. Actually, Day Thirty-Six wasn't posted along with the others because I lost my wifi connection and couldn't retrieve it so I gave up. I haven't gotten back on the computer until now. I will post it soon, along with the next couple.

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