Day Twenty-Five...

Published: July 16th 2015
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...was a very relaxing, normal kind of day. We took a bike ride to the Nemasket Hill Cemetery where Uncle Bob and Aunt Marion are resting and Kathy, Carol and Bob volunteer their time maintaining the grounds and seeing to the day-to-day operations. The cemetery is not owned or operated by the city, county or state. The families of the loved ones buried there are ultimately responsibly for the upkeep of their individual plots, but those three Soderbom children along with the other members of the Board of Trustees make sure the overall maintenance happens whether other families are involved or not. They not only mow and rake the grounds, but they work to find markers that have long-since been swallowed by the earth.

After our ride through the cemetery, we continued down the road to Oliver Mill Park. The park was once the site of a 1700's ironworks and grist mill complex owned and operated by Peter Oliver. The Nemasket River that runs through the park is also the site of a major Herring run every year. Mike remembers the river teeming with herring. One of his childhood activities with his buddies was tossing fishing lines in the water and hooking herring right and need for bait.

It was a fun ride. The roads are fairly flat. Riding through the cemetery actually posed the biggest challenge with its hills, a couple of which were quite steep.

We finished our first full day here with dinner at Lorenzo's with Carol and a drive out to her house for more conversation. We got home after midnight to find Kathy asleep in the living room with the tv on. She waited up for us...that's so sweet. She'll probably kill me for that when she finally reads this post.

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