"South for the Winter" : Cuttyhunk, MA - At the dock

Published: November 4th 2007
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Cuttyhunk, MA

Sun Oct 28th. Cutty Hunk Pond, MA
The wind is still bowing over 20 so we didn’t move far today. We were swinging over black and white mooring sticks and Vitto thought it was a good idea to move towards shore and be more protected. I agreed. We geared up and started the maneuvers but the anchor line was tangled and there the trouble started. I tried to untangle it from deck but couldn’t get it fast enough. Vitto asked me to drop it because we were being taken by the wind so I dropped it and let scope out and when we moved leeward the windlass line went on one side of the black and white stick and the anchor line on the other side and we got more entangled. We tried for a while to unwrapped ourselves and couldn’t. We were being held by the mooring stick so Vitto decided to put some food in our stomachs and then try again. Good call. In the meantime, some locals dropped by and suggested us to cut the line and put a float on the anchor. Vitto wasn’t going to do that. He called Boat US and a couple hours later they showed up with diving gear not appropriate for water temperature of 47º F.
The diver jumped in and tied us to the mooring released our lines reset our anchor and set us free in less than half an hour. I hope he made some good money out of that jump.
We learned that we could dock for free this time of the year, we almost run into shallows on the way there but we made it, filled up the water tank and hooked to power at the courtesy of the owner of the dock spot.
I had a marlin spike class in heavy winds. But still can’t tie a bowling his way. I will practice tomorrow. Maybe after 500 times I will get it right. Vitto managed amazed me: he can tie a bowline behind his back…maybe I will learn that too.
Once docked, I got to shower, eat and relax. Dinner was spectacular: Pesto Salmon with sun-dried tomato brown rice and a cup of green tea. Then I decided start this blog which will tell the story of our trip to Ft. Lauderdale.
The weather forecast announces wind from the west, 15 to 20 knots with gusts up to 25 knots.
Vitto would like to leave tomorrow and me too but I think is not going to happen until Tuesday morning which gives me time to take and upload some more pictures of the area.


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