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After a long bus ride from Camden to Boston and another bus ride back out, I arrived in Marblehead, MA, one of the two towns that claim to be the birthplace of the American Navy and my home base for the week. When General Washington sat in siege outside Boston, he commissioned six ships to harass British shipping. He enlisted the help of Colonel John Glover – a Marblehead man, who would later help Washington cross the Delaware – in finding and converting schooners into ships of war. The ships sailed out of both Beverly and Marblehead, thus the duel claims. Once I was settled at my lodgings – the Harbor Gardens Inn (friendliest and most welcoming proprietor I have met yet) – went off to explore a bit of the town before sunset. The first ... read more
Mumford Monument
Amazing gravestone carving
General John Glover's Grave

Today was a very long day with very little sleep. We booked a hotel near the San Francisco airport the night before, thinking we were smart. It would save us the 1.5hr drive to the airport in the wee hours of the morning. Galen and Carleigh stayed with us, too. What I hadn't counted on was my toddler kicking and hitting me all night in her sleep. I would just start to drift off, and then- WHAM!- her hand would flop over and smack me right in the face. After a few hours of this I finally just put my head on the opposite end of the bed and hid under a blanket. I got maybe two or three hours of broken sleep. I might as well have not booked this hotel room and just slept ... read more
Toddler Passing Out for Two Hours
Party on the Plane!
Party on the Plane!

This is our story of adventure and seeing what the world has laid out for us to explore. This journal is for documenting our travels to help me remember all of our great stories as the years go by and to share our memories with my closest friends and family. We have already been on many exciting adventures and have a huge bucket list waiting to be checked off one by one. "Its better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times" Asian proverb. Bucket List: USA and Canada: Acadia National Park(August 2016); Hike Mt. Washington; NYC; San Antonio; Key West; San Diego; San Francisco; Arizona and Grand Canyon - (April 2016); Ski the West; New Orleans; Washington DC; Seattle; Niagara Falls; Vancouver; Hawaii; Montreal - (September 201... read more
Ipswich River Sanctuary
Disney 2015

My first blog, ever! I have traveled a lot in my life, and now I decided I want to document it. On the 9th I am going on my first trip to Japan, or Asia for that matter. I am really excited and am preparing for the trip. I just wanted to start a base of where I've been, so here is the map: ... read more

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