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We said our good byes to the west coast and i won't lie and say that we were sad to leave behind Los Angeles. Our flight was a 5 hour overnight flight arriving in New York around 6.30am. Billy managed to get a few hours sleep on the plane which is just as well as he had to tackle rush hour traffic through New York! I on the otherhand spent my time watching 'Leap Year' and was just starting to nod off when we landed.

The drive out of New York was quite hair raising - definitely the worst driving we have seen on our trip and we were lucky to get out without being involved in an accident. We drove from New York through Connecticut, Rhode Island and finally into Massachusetts. The weather gradually improved the closer we got to Cape Cod and we were amazed at how lush the east coast is. The plains of Idaho and Montana were a distant memory and we were enjoying being surrounded by bountiful variety of trees stretching for miles.

After a brief power nap in the car i was feeling a bit more human and just in time as we arrived at our campground. We were spending 2 nights in Shawme Crowell State Forest located within a beautifully quaint town called Sandwich. Knowing we only had 1 week left camping, i was ready to give this last stretch my all. We have staid in a couple of State Forest Campgrounds but this was definitely one of the more primitive campgrounds. Yes it had running water, flush toilets and even showers (with warm water), if you wanted to share it with all the spiders and other insects. Ok mom, i am ready to come home now.

After setting up our tent, the sun started to shine and so we decided to explore a little. Sandwich was established in 1639 and is the oldest town in Cape Cod. We quickly fell in love with it and had fun ambling around the town and neighbourhood admiring all the beautiful quaint houses and buildings. It is not difficult to see why people would want to live here.

Our lack of sleep soon caught up with us, so we decided to have an early night. As we were making dinner we saw that we had some neighbours - dozens of them. Spring is a lovely time of the year and we have been fortunate to spend this magical season in National Parks watching snow melt, flowers bloom, new born wildlife. And along with all this beauty of nature comes the not so nice things.......................... worms. Yes, our tent and picnic table were covered in worms, ugh. I know i am being very girlie, but it is not very pleasant when you are trying to cook dinner and there are worms crawling everywhere - we ended up eating our dinner in the safety of our car.

The following morning was a gorgeous sunny day and we had many plans. I was torn between hiring bicycles or exploring by car but in the end we decided that we would see more of Cape Cod driving. I decided that we would start off at Provincetown as it was at the tip of Cape Cod and then make our way down from there. It was a scenic drive with the ocean on our side and weaving our way through little towns. Provincetown is a seaside town with arty atmosphere and plenty of unique shops to meander through. I probably should have done my research on Provincetown beforehand though, as something immediately stood out. It is proudly Giddy And Youthful and we were clearly in the minority. We spent some time walking around before making our way to Truro to see the lighthouse (Cape Cod Light), the first lighthouse in Cape Cod built in 1857. Next we drove to Nickerson State Park and had a little stroll amongst the trees.
Afterwards we headed to the west side of Cape Cod to Falmouth and enjoyed walking along the shore and could see Martha's Vineyard in the distance.

We had a brilliant day exploring Cape Cod and ended it with a dinner at one of the local restaurants enjoying fresh seafood. We would have liked to have spent another day in Cape Cod as we know that we just got a taste of what it has to offer, but unfortunately we have plenty more to see in a short space of time.

We left Cape Cod on Sunday (after cleaning our tent from worms and worm droppings) and made our way to Wassamki Springs Campground in Maine. It is a stop off point on our way to Acadia National Park. It was another glorious day and the drive was scenic. We made a detour to Boston and spent a short time walking around. It reminded us of a British city as the buildings were similar in style. We walked around the Common and watched punters on the lake. We seemed to have picked a good day as it was Graduation day at Harvard and so there was a lovely festive atmosphere with students everywhere. We probably could have spent a full day in Boston as there was plenty to see, but unfortunately we had to carry on with our journey.

We arrived in Wassamki Srpings late afternoon and wished we had more time to explore. It is situated around a beautiful lake, and our campsite was right on the shore if the lake, absolutely stunning. We really have had some beautiful locations, places we would never have seen if we were not camping. We made the most of the time we had, Billy enjoyed swimming in the lake, whilst i admired our surroundings, then we had our dinner while watching the sun go down.

We make our way to Acadia National Park next and are excited to see more of the east coast.

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24th May 2010

So lovely!! Enjoy the last teeny bit!

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