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September 18th 2010
Published: September 18th 2010
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Hello from Boston,

We woke to rain and very strange weather, varying from muggy and warm to blustery and cold within minutes.
Boston can be very exhausting. We had a miserable time finding a place to have breakfast that was not a bagle place, but at least we got in a good, brisk, and weathery walk. We then decided that we should jump back on the Tour Trolley and use it to see a little more of Boston and also to get to the New England History and Genealogist Society (NEHGS.). You know, that little map for the Trolley route is a big fat liar. An hour and a quarter later, we finally got to the NEHGS and it turns out that most of the genealogists were at lunch. John did get some ideas for new ways to research his elusive great grandfather. I got a "I'm leaving for lunch now" rehash of almost everything I already knew.

We left the NEHGS and got back on the Tour Trolley to head for the North End haven of Italian food. As it turns out, the restaurant we had been sent to was an oytser bar and jam packed on a Friday afternoon, so we wandered off in the cold drizzle--only feeling a little lost and sad-- to try to find a place to sit and get dry. At 3 PM we finally found a nice little restaurant with a mothering waitress named Lisa and a simple salad and steaming chicken soup....lovely! We picked up the trolley again and went out to the Navy Yard for the tour of the USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides." A great tour and a real lesson in the sacrifices that our ancestors have made for us. We hoped to be able to visit the Bunker Hill Memorial (294 steps) and the museum, but we had just run out of time. Back to the hotel for a bit of rest and then out for a fairly simple dinner in a VERY LOUDDDDDD restaurant. You know, it is great to getting ready for an early bedtime and getting ready for some time on Cape Cod cooking our own food and a quieter, more relaxed time. We have loved visiting Boston and how great it is to walk to so many wonderful sites, but we are feeling overhelmed by history overload, a weather change that we are not psychologically prepared for, and how very very loud Boston is.

Almost no pictures today because of the rain. I am going to go take off these wet shoes and get into a steamy shower ro warm up.

Love to all...


18th September 2010

I was glad you had the photo of the church where Increase and Cotton Mather preached as it reawakened my desire to know more about my Mather ancestors. Yes, on Mother's side I am descended from the Mathers, but not those two as they have no descendants alive today. I am descended from Increase's brother, Timothy, the one of 6 brothers who did not become a minister. He is called the Mather Farmer. I knew their names but did not know how Increase and Cotton figured in, so now with the help of my information and the internet, I know much more.
18th September 2010

Re: Mathers
Marilyn, it is a beautiful little church. We took more pictures than we posted on the blog, so when we return home, please send me an email to remind me to send them to you. I did sit in one of the pews. It was an interesting site to know that one would be below and the minister would be up in the pulpit so high above you. Too much to see in Boston in two days. We shall have to return some day. (See! I AM writing to you!)
19th September 2010

Crazy weather
The weather you describe isn't so unusual for the East this time of year. There's a battle between the warm, moist low pressure areas from the South and the cold, dry Canadian highs from the Northwest, and the weather depends on how they interact right over your head. Then, this time of year there is the occasional hurricane remnant with sustained high winds and torrential rain. Lovely!
19th September 2010

RE: Crazy Weather
Cousin Richard, you know next time I am packing for the East Coast I will write to you for tips: ie: do not bring warm weather clothes, or actually maybe you should. Today was beautiful--a perfect day, though a tad humid, for exploring Plimouth Plantation.

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