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November 25th 2006
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This picture isnt inverted. Its the reflection of the Old North Church in a small puddle of water
We are in Boston for the Thanksgiving weekend. Left White Plains at 5:30 in the morning, reached NYC and caught the Fung Wah bus ( incredibly cheap Chinese fare). Its pouring throughout the journey and for the rest of the day as well. Land up at Sanjit’s best buddy’s place, have an awesome thanksgiving lunch ( eating chicken masquerading as turkey) and then go for dinner. Of course, we’re complete strangers to the hosts but it’s a very motley crowd comprising mostly Indians (and one Turk).Other than me, Sanjit and the hosts, everyone else in the room has a Phd!!! mathematics, finance, economics, microbiology…you name it…..anyways, it makes for an interesting evening and I don't know if i'm high on the wine or the conversation.Boston sure is the intellectual mecca of the world.

Today, I wake up to sunlight blinding my eye. The hangover from last night is instantly forgotten as the excitement of a beautiful, warm day sinks in. Its Friday and Sanjit is working ( welcome to the wired world where location is a rather inconsequential detail , it doesn’t matter whether you’re in bangalore or boston , work goes on nevertheless !!)
What I’m trying to say is, I head out alone to see Boston.

Walking the “Freedom Trail”

I start at the “Freedom Trail”. It is a 2.5 mile walk along the winding, cobbled paths of history. The start is at “Boston Common”, America’s oldest park which began as a grazing ground for sheep and cattle. Walking down the “freedom trail”, I forget that I’m in America - this is so much like Europe - quaint cafes, cobbled narrow paths, golden domes, historical chapels and museums…will not go into the details of all the historical sites I saw ( see the pictures ) ….but it was an incredible 3 hrs !!! wonderful way to explore the city. Oh , I also think the 2.5 mile is rather misleading…my hunch is that is the straight line distance from start to end of the trail. When you wind your way through the trail, going upto the sites and then coming back to the trail , I think the number is closer to 4 miles.

Inside the hallowed portals of Harvard

From Bunker hill monument ( which is where the freedom trail ends) , I head to the Harvard campus on Massachussets avenue. On my way, I pass the Massachussets Institute Of Technology but don’t stop there. Reach the Harvard square and enter the Harvard campus. Its sprawling, its green, its quiet, its sobering, its wonderful !! I don’t think describing it in words will do justice to it, so see the pictures….

Boston has a way about it, an old world charm, a meeting of Yesterday , Today and Tomorrow. It is a town of history, and the seat of the most coveted academic institutions in the world. Its old and its new, its quaint and its modern. Sometimes quiet , sometimes bustling but mostly unique. Always unique.

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walkin' down the streetwalkin' down the street
walkin' down the street

'oh so European
North SquareNorth Square
North Square

The Italians trace their roots from the North Square
Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall hosted America's first town meeting
The Copp Hill burying groundThe Copp Hill burying ground
The Copp Hill burying ground

The dead amongst the living. Or the living amongst the dead. You decide.
the oldest restaurant in U.S.the oldest restaurant in U.S.
the oldest restaurant in U.S.

I did'nt venture inside but i'm told that the waitresses here are also really, really old. like 80 yrs old !!
The Bunker Hill monumentThe Bunker Hill monument
The Bunker Hill monument

"Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" ! The battle of Bunker hill marks the first time Colonial forces held their own against the British army
Memorial Church inside HarvardMemorial Church inside Harvard
Memorial Church inside Harvard

This church was built in memory of the Harvard alumni who died in the World Wars

25th November 2006

mindblowing pics
waited so long 4 the update...d pics r awesome...waiting 4 more

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