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Train from NYP to Boston Rhode Island from the train window: snow, in piles, on the ground, dirty but hanging on. The bus to Barnstables showed more of the same. I was lulled into thinking it was Spring all over and did not dress appropriately. Thankfully I can remedy that, but I can’t change this cold, cloudy, dreary weather mood. Byllye Avery did that-changed my attitude, her delight at seeing me made me joyful and glowing in remembering our history. And N’Gina was so welcoming and pampering. Their home is a warm, welcoming, artful space that they share generously. We ate well, smoked well and enjoyed each other. I was sent off with a care package of sandwich and fruit.... read more
across the street

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston » Back Bay December 9th 2014

A vonat ezuttal kicsit kesve indult, de szerencsere nem kesett tobbet, igy nem sokkal este 10 utan odaertem Bostonba. A hotel ugy 5 percnyire volt gyalog az allomastol, es nagyon kenyelmes es modern volt a szoba. Ez egyebkent a 140 nevu hotel, ami a Clarendon Street-en a 140-es szam alatt talalhato, rogton a John Hancock Tower mellett, ami Boston legmagasabb epulete, es a kornyek ugy altalaban eleg modern. Reggel egy szokasos eper smoothie es kave utan a Back Bay Fens nevu termeszetvedelmi teruletre latogattam el kisse delre - kellemes hely, bar kicsit nagyobb teruletre szamitottam. Innen metroval es gyalog elutaztam a varos keleti reszen levo obolbe, mivel egy balnalesre akartam befizetni. Igen szep ido volt, igy a napkozbeni utakra mar elfogyott minden jegy, es csak a delutan 5.30-as maradt. Idokozben mar del fele jart az ido, ... read more
Egy haz a Cambridge varosreszben
Egy balna az oceanban
Beacon Hill

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston » Back Bay December 31st 2013

New Year’s Eve traditionally involves going to parties, most with lots of alcohol. In 1975, a group of Boston artists decided the holiday deserved something better than repetitive pop music, bad drinks, and a televised ball drop. They founded First Night, a huge arts festival with performances and installations around the city and not a bar in sight. It became a huge success and spread to cities across the country. In 2008, the deep recession hit the non-profit that runs First Night hard. Last June, they finally ran out of funds for good and closed, leaving a huge hole in the city’s cultural fabric. Unwilling to let one of the region’s signature events disappear, the city of Boston took over organizing duties. Unlike the previous group, who tended to emphasize high-brow performance groups and family friendly ... read more
Handel and Hayden youth chorus

Having a great time in Boston... read more
Boston 037
Boston 040
Boston 042

We are in Toronto for the next 3 days to explore the city and most importantly celebrate my birthday, Toronto's been a pretty cool place its a really big city and has a real buzz around it everyone's running around and busy I like it. For my birthday I woke up to cards and presents that Grant had kept hidden in his bag this whole time, a card from my mum & dad and one from my Nan & granddad with a bottle of perfume, Grant got me a voucher for my kindle which will be a life saver and tickets to see the bluejay baseball team in Toronto. Also my mum and dad gave me some money which I'm going to put towards getting an ipad which I'm very excited about woop woop although a ... read more
Glass floor CN tower
Guess where we are ???

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston » Back Bay December 30th 2012

Departed Washington DC for Boston, an 8 hour train journey via NY. The Manhattan skyline was different when seen from the train although it was not possible to photograph as it was raining and the windows on the train were fogged up. The scenery was beautiful towards the latter part of the journey as we followed the coast through the state of Rhode Island which is the smallest in the US. We have now traversed 20 states in our "road trip" across the USA and when we tell Americans they are astounded as most of them have not visited that many states, and they live here. Very cold and snowy in Boston and we been shopping for warm clothes (watch for a preview in future blogs). I have to say that I won't be sorry if ... read more
The Boston Public Library
Boston Library
Trinity Church

BOSTON Day 1 The first leg of our American adventure is to Boston, Massachusetts. We flew out of Heathrow T5 at 11:20am on Saturday with British Airways, arriving 1pm local time. We had 23kg luggage allowance but mine was 13kg and Oli's was 12kg so we were well under. We were not overly impressed with BA (well the food was poor compared to China Eastern's constant stream of prawns), but Heathrow T5 was nice, especially the train between gates. We quickly got through customs, where we had to give our fingerprints, and our luggage was amongst the first out. We decided against taking a cab and instead took their version of the tube, the T, as it was cheaper and we didn’t feel prepared to deal with our first tipping scenario yet. We caught the free ... read more
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MATTHEW Today we met up with Emma who lived with us for a year. We went on a Duck Tour with Emma which are like a regular tour but their cars turn into boats and they can take you on the Charles River which is the river that separates old Boston and new Boston. Our guides name was Polly W Quacker and he was insane. He thought he had been raised by parrots instead of parents and he thought his Uncle was a toucan and he insisted his distant cousins were geese. But this was just part of his act, he wasn't really insane. On the tour he took us past the Massachusetts State house which has an enormous gilded 23k gold dome. It was pretty impressive. We drove out onto the Charles River and I ... read more
Little Squirrel
Spring time
Duck Tour Driver one

MATTHEW In the morning we met up with Dad's high school friend Stu and his son Will. We visted Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is a very famous technical college. Stu studied there and says its better than Harvard University the other famous University in Boston. We saw the Musuem and they had a robot exhibition. There was one robot there which copies and responds to your emotions, called the Kismet robot. It is run by fifteen computers that allow the robot to notice its environment, understand it and react to it. There were other robots that you could make move but they were doing weird things, for instance a robot that had a chicken wishbone pulling it as it walked around - I think this was called kinetic sculptures. There were also some amazing ... read more
Not really Mr Harvard
Harvard Library
Typical North American Street

MATTHEW When we woke up I was suffering from extreme jet lag. I woke up at three in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It was a down pour outside so we couldn't really do anything outdoors in Boston so we went to the Science Museum. We had an amazing entry after we bought our tickets because there was a giant marble contraption which had all of these pull balls and marbles running everywhere activating little bells and other thingys. Later we moved on and we went to see an electrical show using the first and biggest air insulated Van de Graaf generator spark - this was used to create lightning bolts indoors. The lightning was really loud, like cover your ears loud. The lady who was showing us the lightning put herself in ... read more
John F Kennedy
Dinner at the Club

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