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June 2nd 2019
Published: June 3rd 2019
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It was a Dark and Stormy Night..... Thunderstorms were passing through all night in Canton- lots of flood warnings were flashing on the TV. I was thankful the rains waited until the evening to show up but wasn't sure what this was going to mean for my trip toward Washington DC in the morning. I decided to see what things looked like in the morning and see what the weather app had to show before I set a departure time. In the morning it looked like it would be dry until about 11:00 AM in Canton and rain clearing the DC area about 3:00. I hit the road at 8:30 with temperatures around 65. I was prepared to stop and put on my rain gear but not only didn't it rain- the temp started to slowly climb and pretty soon it was over 70. I decided to head south toward Morgantown, WV because the weather looked better there and this route would put me into the DC area after the rains. The mountains in WV were a nice change from the western Ohio river plains. The coolest thing I saw on this leg was a real wagon train making its way down a canyon that happened to be near the highway. I estimate there were 15 to 20 covered wagons in line. With a little research I was able to find out that it may have been the National Pike Wagon Train. This is the 45th consecutive year they have made the 42 mile trek. As I crossed the Maryland line the temp was into the 80's and I thought I'd make it all the way without rain. Just as I crossed onto I-270 the good Lord decided to throw some holy water on me. I had 20 miles to go so I figured I'd fight my way through. After about 5 minutes the rain subsided and by the time I got off the interstate I was already dry. After getting settled in I made it back out and found Finnegan's Wake Irish pub, I asked the bartender my standard question - How's the Guinness pouring ? In contrast to last nights response - Paul the bartender said " excellent" the pour was indeed a 8.5 on the Jimmy Guinness meter.

Tomorrow I'm going to wing it again and won't decide where I'm going to stay until I see where I'm at in the afternoon. I'll head toward Queenstown, Maryland and head to the Delaware coast and on to Virginia Beach, VA.



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