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North America » United States » Maryland » Laurel January 19th 2015

Is it rain or ice? The storm that struck Laurel, MD this morning was just the right side of rain. The temp was 35 and there were some slick spots, but once on 95 S it was just wet and thankfully deserted. I've never seen 95 so empty, great to leave on a Sunday. My speed was moderate, not going over 58 , and since the van is higher, there was not a problem seeing through the rain spray from the trucks.Mr. Oscar was a model passenger, watching the world go by at times and sleeping others. He got a walk at every stop and was surprised to feel how warm it was getting. When we left home on Sat. ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Laurel October 22nd 1989 travels are now winding down to the final days... its been 7 months since i gave up the daily routine and schedules of the work world to embark on yet another journey of mine. i departed from the illusion of everybody else's reality to allow myself to be brought back into my own. my eyes have been given the pleasure of watching spring, summer, and fall run their course. a beauty of wonders that engulfed me on a daily basis. waking up and noticing the blossom of each color and the birth of life in nature, was always a great way to start my day. there were days on the road, that i would literally just sit and stare at this awesomely awesome view for hours at a time. very soathing, relaxing, and peaceful. definately ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Laurel September 12th 1989

5:51 in the morning on this glorious tuesday feel that i am done with my nightly sleep, so therefore i am up...preparing coffee as i type this. in about 3 hours roughly, mandy jean, dan and i head for alantic city, new jersey. we'll spend a night there before departing to newark to board our long awaited flight to europe. i'm stoked to be revisiting this lovely country!!! also, sorry for the delay in my writing on this know how i get. since my last update of this journey that i'm on....hmmm, let me think for a second......ok, done....i spent some time in orlando...and some time in texas....really just chilled out and relaxed....good to see friends and family... sorry, this isn't that exciting or freshly popping with adventure or good coffee has yet to ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Laurel July 7th 1989

...its official...the great roadtrip of 1989 has finally come to an end. a week ago today butch and i left shawano, wisconsin to return home (butch was needed to return home). we drove for about 8 hours, down wisconsin, through illinois, over into indiana...eventually, around 7:30pm our water pump crapped out on us, while on a toll we pulled over...understood the damage, and proceeded to contact our RV club for a tow...we, eventually got picked up around 1-1:30am...and the next day, we waited for quite sometime for the mechanic to finish the repair...which ended around, it was back on the road... we finally made it to butch's house around 4-5pm on friday evening...just in time to hop up on the boat, hit the lake and watch the fireworks...after spending the weekend at his house, ... read more

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