First week at the new place!

Published: May 5th 2010
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Ah! I'm here at the new house! We moved in the first weekend in May and yesterday we got internet! Its been relaxing and exciting at the same time, though this is the first week since Spring Break (even though I didn't get a week) that I have been off! I start my new job next week, though I'm still in the process of applying for jobs and wondering what is going to happen with school!

I haven't gotten anything else in the mail from Mount St. Mary's, but I am going home to get some more stuff that I left back at the house in Baltimore so maybe they sent something to my mother's place. I wonder what classes I can take in the fall AND I have to sign up for Praxis 2! How nerve racking! I haven't even gotten the results from Praxis 1 and I really really hope that I passed. I think I did, but you never know.

As for my new job, I hope I like it. I'm not getting paid all that much, but maybe in a month I can ask for more or get a better paying job. I think I will have fun because it will be in a smaller setting and less kids. It also seems like a laid back atmosphere, which will be nice.

I also have been watching the Girls Next Door season 1! It such a guilty pleasure and with my principles and my feminist education, you would think I would be against the show, but I am in love with it. I think also I can relate to the Playboy figure.. weird, right? Maybe its because with about half of them, they have the figure that I could potentially have, with boobs, hips and legs. Though I want the attitude of Kendra, who works out like crazy, I think I have the body of more like Tiffany Fallon, the Playmate of the year in 2005/2006. That and she's brunette, like me! Haha!

Anyway, enough about looks. I'm anxious to get everything squared away in the new place. Though the stuff is largely put away, there are still the small things that don't have a place yet and my shoes are everywhere because I don't have my bin yet! I really need to get rid of some shoes, but I find I can't! I have NO IDEA why?! I think its the hoarder in me, weirdly enough. I have BOUGHT two new pairs of shoes since I been here, and I have NO business buying stuff. But I guess everyone has weakness and the itch to buy certain things. Maybe with my pay cut this summer, I'll refrain from spending money. I HOPE SO!

So pictures soon of the new place. I have to ask Alex to fix my stupid camera, because I can't upload any of my pictures on my camera. I still have pictures from the huge snowstorm on them and that's back in February! Geez Louise!



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