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September 6th 2016
Published: October 22nd 2017
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It was three summers ago in Glacier NP while hiking that we met a woman who had done the Camino de Santiago. She could not say enough about what a wonderful experience it was. We thought we were hikers, but she was talking about hiking 15 miles a day for more than a month; 500 miles, wow!
In today's world what do you do next? Google it, of course. We did a little research and watched a great movie called "The Way" with Martin Sheen as the main character. Then last summer, one Sunday, the Deacon's sermon at St. Richard's in Columbia Falls, was centered around his experience of hiking the Camino the previous year. The hook had been set. As we read more and talked to more people, we were being reeled in. We were amazed at how many of our family, friends and acquaintances knew about or knew someone who had done the Camino.
We were both saying to ourselves and each other, "If not now, when?". So here we are, about to set off on a 500-mile trek across northern Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela. The location, where legend and myth have it, St. James the Apostle, evangelized two centuries ago. In the 9th Century, St. James' grave was discovered and his relics authenticated. The relics are in the cathedral completed in the 1120's and is our destination.
Like us, many of you must be asking the obvious, why? As most know, we love to hike, have had a passion for travel since we have known each other, like to think of ourselves as being a little adventurous, have not backed down from many challenges, and have been active Catholics our entire lives.
The order of these motivations have been up and down on the priority list since we made the commitment to do the Camino. That will probably remain the case throughout this pilgrimage (a long journey to somewhere special). Though after a special blessing from our parish priest at St. Casimir's, the spiritual awareness has taken a spike. We know we will be enriched by the diverse pilgrim community along the Way and hope for renewal and inspiration on this physically and mentally challenging adventure.


6th September 2016

It sounds like a life-changing trip. What a trek, 500 miles. I hope it is all you hoped for and more. ENJOY!
6th September 2016

All I can say is "wow" wishing you a safe and wonderful adventure, will be thinking of you and following your posts!
6th September 2016

A great Adventure!
6th September 2016

I am in awe and totally jealous..on my bucket list...have a great trek.Psw

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