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September 13th 2011
Published: September 14th 2011
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I am so tired, I’ve been working until the early morning hours then getting up early and starting all over again. Some days I get set several claims but most days I get 0 to 1 claim. My biggest problem is that I’m behind in writing up the estimates so I’ve had to spend lots of time doing that. Some of the claims are not large but take lots of time for the reports, just a part of the work. Other claims consist of 3 story houses with damages on every floor.

I came back last night to a bunch more work, another adjust got sick and went home so I’d been given his claims. I’m able to incorporate the new claims into the appointments for this week so it will be fine and I’m here to work as much as possible before going home.

One claim, the head of the catastrophe called me about last night requesting that I call the insured right away but gave no other information. I called the insured and left a message with my info. The insured called me back and since I was to be in her area today and could keep the appointment that her previous adjuster had made.

I went to my 1st two inspections then headed to this particular insured’s loss. We went to her basement to inspect her loss; the basement was flooded during the tons of rain here. The insured started telling me about her recent events; father died, mother with issues was now in some trouble, basement flooded and the insured has health issues. Then she started to cry and I put out my hand on her arm just speaking quietly to her.

I finished my inspection and returned upstairs where the insured was. She then started telling me how someone representing a restoration firm had been there wanting to tear out much of the basement walls and a payment of thousands before starting to work. I advised that there was not that much damage then took her down and pointed out how I came to my conclusions.

We returned upstairs and after I went over how her claim would be completed the woman started to cry. She then told me that she had been so overwhelmed with everything that she had decided this morning that she just might not make it. She had told her co-workers that she was just about done with life, but now I had saved her life. She now knew that it wasn’t the end of the world now that she knew how to handle putting her home back together.

Wow! That stuff was heavy!


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