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October 1st 2007
Published: November 24th 2007
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Monday, October 1st, 2007. St. John River, Maine. Only thirteen miles - about 3 hours of paddling - remained before Darrin would reach Fort Kent and complete the NFCT in its entirety. With the whole day ahead of him, and relatively little paddling to do, Darrin had to kill time.

He took everything out of his portage packs. He hung things up. He dried things. He cleaned things. He went to the campground store for coffee three times. He meticulously packed everything back into his portage packs. Finally, at about 12:30 p.m., he loaded his canoe and left his last camp on the NFCT.

He made his way down the St. John, past its confluence with the St. Francis. New Brunswick was on his left, and Maine was on his right. He meandered around islands, and stopped on one to kill time. There he found huge softball-sized quartz cobbles and boulders lying everywhere along the shore. He collected some as reminders of his journey.

He continued down the St. John, and eventually the Fort Kent bridge came into view. He floated beneath the bridge, and paddled to the confluence of the St. John and the Fish River, where he saw his dog and his wife - Addie and I - waiting EXCITEDLY on shore. The journey, 740 miles, 50 days, was complete.

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26th November 2007

Sounds like a great trip, just a bit too rainy for a desert rat. Can't believe the number of moose you saw. Amazing! You've definitely got me excited about getting up to that part of the country!
17th May 2010

Question about the campsite in this photo...
I'm looking for a good campsite up there in Aroostook Cty and this one looks quite nice. What is the name of it? Congratulations on your journey!
17th May 2010

I see the name of it - Pelletier Campgrounds

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