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North America » United States » Maine » Rangeley October 11th 2018

We arrived in Portland on a Wednesday, and the weather was very nice with highs in the 80’s for our drive to Rangeley, ME, and the Saddleback Inn. Unfortunately, on Thursday, the cold temperatures started, and the rains came in earnest, preventing us from doing any serious hiking. From then on, it seems like it rained every other day, and the temp did not get above 60 degrees for the rest of the trip. On Thursday it rained all day so didn't get to do the planned hike to Saddleback Mt. We did drive to a state park along the lake as well as to the trail head for the hike to Saddleback Mt, but it would have been a very wet slog to the top without much chance of any views with the foggy weather. ... read more
Loon Lodge
Rangeley Lake
Rangeley's claim to fame

North America » United States » Maine » Rangeley August 11th 2012

Maine has been great. We have enjoyed the terrain so far and we are looking forward to our next few days on the trail! Thanks for all the comments and support, we are having a wonderful experience. We started preparing right after Easter when we got the dehydrator from my brother. Due to my diet restrictions we decided to make all of our own meals, dehydrate them and have my mom mail drop them for us. Thanks Mom! (also for the weekly Prayer Stars and Trail Thoughts). We would also like to thank Rosemary for the amazing Gluten Free cookies that we get along the trail....keep 'em coming Rosie! Depending on how long we hike each day and how intense the terrain is we figured we are burning around 8,000 calories a day. I am eating ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Rangeley June 10th 2010

Ahoy from the great state of Maine! Fanstastic, beautiful state so far! We started in a few days ago. But starting from where i left you last. After we left Groveton, NH we started walking the canoe past all of the dams and to find a place to put in. Well past the last dam it was a bit steep on the banks and a little shallow for paddling. We saw some people sitting on their porch and asked if they knew where we could put in. Got to talking with them and they told us it was pretty shallow and a big storm was about to hit (literally a few minutes away). Anyways they said they would give us a ride somewhere like to a campspot so we could get in our tent before it ... read more
brian dragging pequiod up rapids.
a new form of paddling.  we call it pimpin.
whit cathing a sail again, this time into a fierce storm that we later retreated from.  It got real bad.

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