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August 11th 2012
Published: August 11th 2012
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Maine has been great. We have enjoyed the terrain so far and we are looking forward to our next few days on the trail! Thanks for all the comments and support, we are having a wonderful experience. We started preparing right after Easter when we got the dehydrator from my brother. Due to my diet restrictions we decided to make all of our own meals, dehydrate them and have my mom mail drop them for us. Thanks Mom! (also for the weekly Prayer Stars and Trail Thoughts). We would also like to thank Rosemary for the amazing Gluten Free cookies that we get along the trail....keep 'em coming Rosie!

Depending on how long we hike each day and how intense the terrain is we figured we are burning around 8,000 calories a day. I am eating about 3,000 calories and Stephen about 5,000. At that rate you could eat a snickers every hour and still lose weight! Wow, never again will that happen in my life....I think my most common statement has been...."when can we eat?" Its amazing how the body changes into a machine.

The weather has been good except for a few rain storms. Last week I woke up to Stephen telling me that his Crocs were floating away, right outside the tent. He had to get up and start digging a trench around our tent so that we could stay dry! That night we also had a visitor...a deer or a sounded very large. But then again everything sounds large at night. Hikers commonly joke about the 100 pound skunk.

We have a ton of photos and its easier to upload them to facebook, Stephen will add the link.

We will finish our 3rd week and start our 4th week out, this week and the hiking lifestyle is starting to take over...its weird to come to town...everything happens so much faster then on the trail...We hitched a ride into town yesterday and I was hanging onto the door, I thought the guy was for sure driving around 90 MPH. When I looked over his shoulder, he was only going 55 MPH. Guess that is fast compared to our 1.5 MPH hiking speed 😊

I miss keeping in touch with current events, and get overloaded when we get to a TV or our cell phones. 106 degrees in Paul Ryan for VP... someone update us on the is the US doing?

They have a movie theater in Rangeley so I just might get a date night tonight 😊

Hope everyone is doing soon!

Stephen and Natasha. OH and guess what...I finally got my Trail name. LTD (living the dream). Well because that is basically what I have been doing since I left Corporate America....Living the Dream! Everyone hiking the AT gets a trail name, Stephen has had his since the start in 2010, which is "Boston" due to the Red Sox hat that he wears that started out blue and is now light grey.

So until next time....LTD and Boston.


15th August 2012

Hey Boston and LTD
It's great to hear from you guys. Prob heard that Kuper now broke his arm is practice and will be out 6 weeks--talk about bad luck. I'm not a facebook user, so you'll have to show me pics another time. Looking forward to seeing you guys when you are heading back to Colorado. Love DAD

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