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North America » United States » Maine » Kennebunk October 6th 2013

Geo: 43.3839, -70.5453 We spent 2 days touring around Bar Harbor. It was a little hard with the national park closed. We went to a small beach. We saw a lighthouse. We drove around and looked at the colorful trees. We walked around the village. On Sunday we left Bar Harbor for Kennebunk Beach. This was mostly a one night stop. On the way down we toured Fort Knox and went up to the observatory on the bridge over the Penobscot Narrows. Its a huge bridge, with an observatory at the top of one of its towers. Its 420 feet above the river. Great views from there. Next up a drive to Concord and Lexington, Mass. The "shot heard round the world".... read more
Thank goodness the sign wasn't closed
Hiking in the woods
Big gun at  Fort Knox

North America » United States » Maine » Kennebunk July 31st 2012

I selected Biddeford as a home port for my first stop in Maine largely because of its proximity to the storied Maine coastline, its location between Portsmouth NH and Portland ME and its nearness to a high-profile neighbor - Kennebunkport. Tuesday, July 24, 2012 was thickly overcast from the outset, but rain was held in check until I was about two miles from the RV park. A light rain was a mere inconvenience during set-up. Shamrock RV Park appears to have been a “three-room” house that has experienced multiple additions as the “family” grew. I was directly across from a picturesque, peaceful pond that can be viewed from very few RV windows because, it appears, there was no master plan way back when. Be that as it may, I wasn’t there to enjoy the park facility ... read more
And Finely Crafted Period Furniture
A Teaser For The Historic Walking Tour
Did I Say Formidable?

North America » United States » Maine » Kennebunk August 22nd 2008

Packing for a year in China is not an easy matter. I've spent a good part of the day going through my cloths trying to decide what to take, what to leave behind for when I come back, and what to give to goodwill. So much of my wardrobe looks like stuff the a teenager would wear, even though I left my teens behind a little over three years ago. I'm used to a very casual work environment, really. At the library I could show up in my jeans and my "this is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt, and the candle store is even less formal than that. I'm not big on cloths shopping, but I really need to get some new stuff. I'm not thin enough to be able to just buy new cloths ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Kennebunk January 3rd 2007

Day Negative 2 Weather is calm. Not a cloud in the sky, or as far as I (Elena) can see from the computer lab window. Supplies. We need some. Specifically a water bottle, jam and maple syrup (for gifts, we don't just enjoy these things). Besides that though, we're set to go. Yay Peru! Elena and Tom... read more

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