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August 22nd 2008
Published: August 22nd 2008
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Packing for a year in China is not an easy matter. I've spent a good part of the day going through my cloths trying to decide what to take, what to leave behind for when I come back, and what to give to goodwill. So much of my wardrobe looks like stuff the a teenager would wear, even though I left my teens behind a little over three years ago. I'm used to a very casual work environment, really. At the library I could show up in my jeans and my "this is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt, and the candle store is even less formal than that. I'm not big on cloths shopping, but I really need to get some new stuff. I'm not thin enough to be able to just buy new cloths in China, for the most part. I also need to buy some cloths for truly hot weather. I'm so used to living in Maine where we only have a couple of really hot days each year... and surely someone from Florida or Arizona or WUHAN would laugh at my definition of "really hot".

Oh well! Five days and 45 minutes to go before I board the plane, and I'm excited. I bought some grammar reference books today, and a Chinese/English dictionary. One of the grammar reference books is called "The Deluxe Transitive Vampire: A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed". How awesome is that? The other one is nice and normal, though.

I seem to be doing a decent job of using the Rosetta Stone computer program to learn Chinese, but I'm not sure how my Chinese will be outside of the computer program. I think that I can say at least a few basic things, but what I don't know is overwhelming


22nd August 2008

Wishing you luck!
Let me be the first to wish you a safe journey and an easy arrival in China. I admire your determination. If you're going to have an adventure, this is the age to do it, before you settle down and let time slip by. I'll read your TravelBlog with keen interest. xx
25th August 2008

i wish u super amounts of luck on your trip/adventure! and keep all us marymount ladies posted on all the awesome that i am sure will be happening! (my grammar is horrible...) has a good flight!!!
30th August 2008

Hi Shannon !
Hey nice pic ! And nice blog....what a great way to stay in touch......I'm sure being immersed so totally in a dfferent environment...especially language-wise is challenging and 'fun'......good fun I hope... We are trying to enjoy more sunny Maine summer days before Labor Day........Peace and good journeys.....Bruce

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