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North America » United States » Maine » Bristol August 17th 2016

Geo: 43.9575, -69.5097This morning we slept in til around 9am. Ate breakfast, got ready for a relaxing day. Although it had rained during the night, the sun was out and things were drying out. It started to rain around 6pm last night, just a steady steady rain.After breakfast, we decided to venture out to Pemaquid Light House. First stop was to mail the box that Lois had packed for us. Karen also purchased some postcard stamps for the postcards that she wrote. She wrote to G'mommy, David, Emily, Grandma Vi and Aunt Sarah.This particular light house was only 10 minute drive from our cottage. Cost was only 2.00 per person. The waves coming up on the rocks was spectacular. Glenn and Karen walked out on the rocks, and I sat on the picnic table near by. ... read more
Karen Glenn Rock
Glenn Climbing
Climbing the Light House

North America » United States » Maine » Bristol October 25th 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015 Photos from Marshalls Lighthouse Photos from Pemaquid Lighthouse Photos from Pemaquid with painterly expressions We woke up and continued packing where we left off sometime yesterday. It was Sunday, and the intent was to leave before the games were afoot, yet late enough to get in some more quality time with our hosts, Stubdude & Juno. We wanted to reach Marshalls Lighthouse in Port Clyde in time for the so-so light of mid afternoon, and then be on time for some sunset shots at the Pemaquid Lighthouse (my favorite, and now I think Matt’s, too). The ride from anywhere to anywhere in Maine will take you on interesting roads, and our trek mainly kept us on US1, the only road in our cou... read more
Marshalls Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse
Pemaquid Lighthouse

North America » United States » Maine » Bristol October 13th 2013

Photos from 10-13-13 - Pemaquid Lighthouse Long before we left home, VB made an event page for the trip, and on it Jakub made a suggestion. There were 4 couples going for 4 days, and he suggested we all take a day to decide where we shoot. My choice was Pemaquid. No one slept in this day because we might not be back till… well, we didn’t know. Even though it was a bit over an hour away, we were down in the rocks shooting by 6. Before my first shot and before the moment I’d forget about things like eating, I was way too cold to create. So I hustled back to the car for an overkill coat. Comfortably numb, I ... read more
Saddle Rock
Wavey Granite

North America » United States » Maine » Bristol June 29th 2010

To fulfill our role As Tourists in Maine, we decide to search out the famous lobster shack Red's Eats, in Wiscasset. This tiny town sits on the Sheepscot River and is crammed full of antique shops and boutiques, but we are here for the "best lobster roll in Maine". Even before the window swings opens for business the line has formed around the corner. It was a tasty treat and worth the wait. All the other customers in line make for an entertaining way to pass the time. The Abenaki Indian name, Wiscasset, means "coming out from the harbor but you don't see where." These native American names are very discriptive. Colonial Pemaquid is our next stop. This fort was built in 1692 to prevent France from expanding her territories southward, but was destroyed several years ... read more
Pemaquid window
on the rocks

North America » United States » Maine » Bristol June 29th 2010

Tiny friendly peaceful Round Pond The secret to the peacefulness - "Muscongus Bay is one of those rare finds - a body of ocean water that is well protected and not really on the way to anywhere else." this was found on a kayak tour advertisement. Lobster boats chug in circles all day, but other than that, it was quiet. From our porch high on a hill, we kept watch on our end of the bay for a little seal. Every now and then he would poke his head up between the lobster pot markers. It was the perfect activity for relaxing Maine is the northern most state on the eastern seaboard. But not until a comment made by a friend of the family's, when she learned that we were from North Carolina, did I realize ... read more
friendly lobstermen
summer lawns in Round Pond
feeding the birds

North America » United States » Maine » Bristol May 25th 2007

It's amazing how easy it is to become acclimated to Maine's lifestyle, even though it's such a change from my usual lifestyle. I haven't at all wanted to log onto the net, I'm not especially bummed that my cell phone is constantly in roam, I don't mind the fact that the roads here are few and far between, and mostly, I don't mind that I've only seen one Starbucks in the entire state thus far. And yes, I know what you're saying: I've only been here a few days, and I couldn't live this way forever, and really I'm not addicted to Starbucks (and make it a point to express the fact that it's overkill and "over-convenience" how many there are in the world/in a mile radius where I come from, etc. etc., etc.). But there ... read more
I loved the rock formations, thanks to the ocean
Pemaquid Point
Keith, lovingly looking at his lobster

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