St Francesville

Published: June 26th 2019
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I knew that the American Queen had Hop On Hop Off buses at all stops along the river. What I didn’t know was that they brought their own to every stop. Three branded buses follow the boat (it is a boat not a ship) wherever it goes to provide this service. It’s a pretty slick operation.

Our first stop this morning was an example of a small mid western town, with churches, Town Hall, Courthouse and very pretty houses lining the streets. We’re still in Louisiana.

The highlight was a visit to The Myrtles Plantation and a guided tour through what is purported to be the largest haunted house in the south. The whole experience was made more real with actors in costume telling their tales in each room. It is all Chloe the house slave’s fault. The Master saw her in the fields, fell in love with her and brought her into the house. She was jealous of his wife and became an eavesdropper, knowledge is power. When caught she had her ear cut off and sent back to the fields. Somehow she manages to poison the mistress of the house by baking a cake laced with liquid from Oleander leaves which as you know are poisonous. She only meant to make them sick so she could nurse them back to health and so make her way back into the house. Unfortunately she had no idea of quantities and the mistress and her two younger children died after eating the cake.

She was tried, hanged and her body thrown into the river in order that her spirit couldn’t come back. But it did. The mirror is has outlines, baby finger and foot prints in it and have a look at the photo taken for insurance purposes. No people were meant to be in them but when enlarged outlines and shadows of people can be seen. The insurance application was rejected because of this.

So that was our first morning ashore. Now we’re off to Natchez.

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The Grace Episcopal ChurchThe Grace Episcopal Church
The Grace Episcopal Church

Built in 1860 it was damaged during the Civil War and rebuilt in 1863. The grounds and early cemetery were beautifully kept, surrounded by, you guessed it, living oak trees and Spanish moss.
The organ inside dates right back to 1860.The organ inside dates right back to 1860.
The organ inside dates right back to 1860.

These are only half of the pipes as there was a large pillar in the way and I couldn’t get all of it in one frame.
Republic of West Florida white star Republic of West Florida white star
Republic of West Florida white star

In 1810 St Francisville and surrounding district had had enough of being ruled by Spain so declared independence. It only lasted from 26 Sept 1810 until 6 December of the same year. When it acquiesced to the US Army. A few flags still fly in the town.
Beautiful gardensBeautiful gardens
Beautiful gardens

I don’t know hat these large leafed plants are.
How’s this for a book bagHow’s this for a book bag
How’s this for a book bag

Unfortunately it is still in the shop
Myrtles Plantation house Myrtles Plantation house
Myrtles Plantation house

So called because of all the Myrtle trees
A fly catcherA fly catcher
A fly catcher

The clear glass vessel is a fly catcher
A tea chest made of papier mache and inlaid mother of pearlA tea chest made of papier mache and inlaid mother of pearl
A tea chest made of papier mache and inlaid mother of pearl

The tea cam in small bricks of dried tea leaves
The card room.The card room.
The card room.

Guess where the owner sits. In front of the concave mirror so he can see the hands of his opponents
Original photo for insurance purposesOriginal photo for insurance purposes
Original photo for insurance purposes

Look closely at the enlarged version - someone in the alley and two small figures up on the roof

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