New Orleans Easter 2013

Published: February 19th 2014
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Easter Weekend in New Orleans!!!

Seems like she's an old friend already. I know where to go, where to eat, what to see, how to feel, and yet she still surprises me.

You've no idea the calm I feel when in New Orleans. The smell, the stink, the aroma, all of it beautiful and worthwhile. Jackson Square is my go t place. Seeing the artist and musicians makes me smile. See the St. Louis Cathedral soar up into the sky makes me feel good. I can say its impressive having been to the old cathedrals in Europe.

Or maybe I just really like New Orleans?

I've been on Bourbon Street and much prefer Royal. I've seen the voodoo and the drunks and the dancers. I got my fortune read again while there. There was decay in my life. That's what they said. And knowing what I know now yes there was decay and its been put out 😊

I tried focusing on the new this time around. We took a Mississippi riverboat tour on the Natchez. It was fun, especially seeing the big paddle and the engine room. Its amazing how easy it all looks but then you go underneath and there are all this pipes and pulleys and screws and wires. Very complicated.

But I discovered Cajun Virgin Marys 😊 That is my go to drink now! I don't drink so I get them without alcohol. They are tasty. I had one on the river cruise. And then another at Emeril's where the waiter had to come back and double check if I was OK because the spice blew my face off. That's how spicy the initial hit was. I just laughed at him through my choking and whispered in a croaky voice, "No, I'm fine really, I am" as I wiped tears from my face.

Also the French market was AMAZING! We had never made it that far north before but this time we just kept walking and walking and we ended up at the French Market and I was sorry we had missed it so many times before. I won't make the same mistake again! We sat down at a restaurant and ordered some drinks and a plate full of crawfish. It was delicious and just sat there people watching.

I had no time to think of the obvious decay in my life 😊

So instead of that I took me some fried bignets from Cafe Dumond, those I'd been avoiding for years. We sat down on Jackson Square and got messy.

We ended our night at the Royal Street Oyster House. Its my favorite oyster place in the world.

New Orleans, I will miss you forever. I'll have to go back when I'm not as decayed.

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Much better than my actual Tarot card reader!

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