Hungover drive to Texas

Published: July 21st 2012
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5th July We made arrangements a few days ago to hop in Anna's car with her, Karl and Steve and join them on a road trip to Austin. This would make it cheaper for all involved. Especially for me as I had no greyhound pass anymore. Plus we had limited time to make it to Las Vegas. Our mate Joe is flying out on the 11th. This gave us 5 days to get from New Orleans to Las Vegas. Challenge accepted. Unfortunately for us we were losing money as we were actually meant to be staying another night and we couldn't get a refund. It's ok, we gained another days travel and better company than what the greyhound offers. On the downside our driver was severely hungover from a pretty big night out. She came in a lot later than us. I got rich up out of bed by tempting him with hotdogs I bought the other day which I never got round to eating. They were probably the worst hotdogs I have tasted ever. Thats what I get for buying 8 hotdogs for 68 cents I suppose. I gave the rest to a German guy. He seemed to like them. Anyway, off we headed towards Austin. We had to stop in Houston for the night as Austin was too far to drive in half a day. However, on the way to Houston we managed to stop at 2 different McDonald's and a taco bell. The dollar menu is an absolute life saver. You can eat so much for so little. Needless to say when I'm back in England I will most likely need to hit the gym hard. But for now, fatty needs food. Also Anna was sick in every place we stopped also. The heat in Texas is unreal. As well as being humid too I was struggling for a long way. Three big lads in the back of the car, tops off and dripping with sweat. I hated this but Rich didn't mind. We had aircon but it wasn't on full because "it gets too cold in the front". Ahhhhh. At least the greyhounds down south are freezing. I don't do hot humid weather well without a pool. We hadn't got a place to stay for the night yet. We just knew to head to Houston and find a travel lodge or something. We actually found I nice hotel. After using the English charm we managed to get it for $89 dollars for the night. Between 5 of us it was nothing. The only thing is there were 5 of us and 2 double beds. Steve said he didn't mind being on the floor. We headed down to the pool all excited and happy to be out the car and being able to relax. We stayed down there for ages. Basically until we started becoming one big wrinkle. Rich in his infinite wisdom said " I'll turn the aircon right up because when there is 5 of us in the room it will get hot." he made it Baltic. Everyone the whole night was shivering and didn't dare get out of there covers. I feel for Steve who had just a sheet basically on the floor. Good one Rich.


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