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February 22nd 2011
Published: July 29th 2011
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our guide Joeyour guide Joeyour guide Joey

the house is painted as it originally was in creole colors as to whitewash your house meant that you identified yourself as Americans and the Creole thought of themselves first and foremost as French.
Like Kingsley Plantation, this plantation interested me because it was run by four generations of women which wasn't common in the 1800s but there is so much more to learn about over here. For those interested in Brer Rabbit, it is thought that the original tales of Compere Lapin originated at this house among the slaves that worked here. It is one of the only plantations that has original wooden slave cabins and furnishings and it is one of the few plantations where much is known about the owners mainly due to the memoirs of Laura who was the last of her family to run this plantation before selling out as she really didn't want to continue running it.

The tour was really interesting and you learn that Creole refers to blood, language and culture. The guide also told of the cruelty of Laura's Grandmother who almost disowned her son because he was too kind to the slaves, and of her misguided uncle who in a roundabout way caused his daughter's tragic death from acne, no I am not making that up. You also have the opportunity to see one of the coolest mirrors I have ever seen. I highly recommend taking this tour as it is so much more than about a building, it's about a family.

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Laura's Great GrandparentsLaura's Great Grandparents
Laura's Great Grandparents

This was really the start of women running the plantation, her Great Grandfather murdered a man in a duel and had to leave France but went to America and in return for his service during the Revolution he was awarded land but died before the house was completed
Laura's grandmother NanetteLaura's grandmother Nanette
Laura's grandmother Nanette

otherwise known as the old devil and that was Laura's opinion
the wine cellarthe wine cellar
the wine cellar

Apart from sugar cane the main crop was grapes for wine as Laura's Grandmother married some one with a vineyard and made it part of the marriage contract that she would manage both of their lands.
The VPs office The VPs office
The VPs office

While the President of the company and therefore manager was occupied by the four generations of women, the vice president was always a male relative.
dining room 2dining room 2
dining room 2

This was where Laura tricked her father into allowing her tyo attend school before having to run the plantation.
Laura's tragic cousinLaura's tragic cousin
Laura's tragic cousin

A ghostly mirror portrait that you have to see to believe
lights onlights on
lights on

and the ghost is gone presto chango
laissez bon temps rouletlaissez bon temps roulet
laissez bon temps roulet

Let the good times roll, this was where parties were hosted
the President of the company's roomthe President of the company's room
the President of the company's room

You wouldn't even get in here unless you met first with the vice president and once you were here chances are you would find yourself discussing business in the bedroom rather than here as that is how the French women conducted business at the time
Laura's bedroomLaura's bedroom
Laura's bedroom

and where most business was conducted much to the shock of local English sensibilities

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