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North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge February 17th 2009

I got to sleep in again today. When my alarm went off at 10, though, I still had a few hours in me. We went to lunch at the great pizza spot and hit the road. We’re in Louisiana! This is exciting for two reasons. One, my good friend Angie is here and going to come to the show tomorrow! Two, now I am down to 3 states left! Yep! I’ve been to 47 of them now. Just waiting for Nebraska, Kansas, and Ohio… Oh, and I finished my book while we were driving. That’s 5 since I left Spokane, for those of you who are counting. And I ordered some new books as well today. Once we got here, we chilled for a bit (I had a nice long chat with someone at home- good ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge January 6th 2009

On boxing day we set out pretty early to head to Louisiana and Jeff’s family. It was the perfect sort of a journey for me because we got to see another big chunk of Arkansas a little bit of Mississippi and then drive through Louisiana as well. On the way out of Little Rock I was trying to take photos of the Capitol as I hadn’t seen it yet and so Daters pulled off the road and did a detour so that I was able to see it up close. We stopped to take some pictures and then headed on our way again. It was amazing to watch the scenery change, something I was going to have to get used to with all of the intensive travelling I was about to do. Arkansas has lots of ... read more
Town view

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge August 30th 2008

Day 1, or should I say Day 3 and counting down, until Hurricane Gustav slams into the Louisiana coast.  We are in Baton Rouge which is about 75 miles from the coast and expect damaging winds, torrential rains, major power outages and possible structural damages to our homes and vehicles.  Whew, this is a big one!  Winds are up to 145 mph and strengthening.  They forecast it to impact our area by Monday evening through Tuesday.  Throughout the last 3 days Randy and I have been preparing.  We have purchased the canned and packaged foods, batteries, bottled water; we've secured all of the outdoor things.  We are leaving my outside ferns and things until tomorrow so they are not in the dark too long.  We have 2 elderly parents, Randy's mom who is in a nursing ... read more
Some minor tree debris from TS Fay
Trees, trees and more trees
Back side of our house

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge June 28th 2008

Kathy and Robert are anxiously packing ready to take off for an Excellent European Adventure!!!!! ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge February 7th 2008

Hi Again, We got off early this morning and drove from Tampa to Baton Rouge. We found a Holiday Inn Select and are just heading off to dinner. Tomorrow we are going to tour a plantation and see some alligators, then complete our trip to Houston. Yesterday we went to Pass-a-Grille at the end of St. Pete's beach and took a boat to Shell Island. It is a bird sanctuary but people are allowed to walk along the beach and collect shells so we got quite a few and worked on our tans a bit. After that we had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant Bye for now.... read more
On the boat.
Dead fish.

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge February 12th 2007

2/12/07 The next morning I got up and worked on my travel blog for awhile. I had intended on fixing breakfast, but the kitchen was messy from the night before so I decided to have a couple pop tarts instead. Around noon headed down to the area along Frenchman street, where we were listening to jazz the previous night, to eat some Cajun cuisine. Got down there around 12:30 and orderd a bowl of gumbo. I couldn’t believe they put a crab claw in the soup. I had gumbo one other time and they had done it their too. After that I decided to go and find a King Cake. This is a Mardi Gras tradition, where they make this pastry with a baby Jesus in it. The person who gets the piece with the baby ... read more
Suckin Head in Baton Rouge
Meet the Fockers I mean Baggots
Rockin Sound System

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge March 13th 2006

WELL I've been back in the States, and now I need to leave again. I am going to live in France for a little while this summer. It's a small village called Barcelonette in the Ubaye Valley in the Alps. This should be very interesting because it will definitely mean a very different taste....small local village life (all in French mind you) with a rich culture. I'm really excited! Also, I am on a quest to stay on in Europe after my Ubaye town is up. I plan to make a circle: north to Switzerland, down to Italy around Turino, then into Provence. Wish me luck. Feel free to send me money and offer me places to stay!... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge January 3rd 2006

Jan 3, 2006 A little back ground first. We are Scott & Rachel and we've been together for almost 9 years now. Rachel is the looks and the brains of this opperation and don't let her tell you otherwise. She's brilliant, intelligent and pretty easy on the eyes, at least I think so and she's a biologist by trade. Mostly she spends her time writting documents for the government. This probably explains why I'm doing the journal entries. For those of you who have never read a govenment document, read one then you may understand the above comment. And no, I will not appollegize foe any misspelled wyrds. If I have access to Spell Check, you'll know. Myself: Taurus, Favorite color: green , Underachiever, ducker of responcibility, Proud New Orleanian and travel fanatic. As you can ... read more
The Brains
Travel Junkie

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge November 6th 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN! On Saturday morning we set off at 7am for the long drive via Houston to Baton Rouge in Louisiana. This part of the trip was a bonus. We were supposed to go to New Orleans but instead Fitz arranged for us to camp at his dad's place for two nights just outside Baton Rouge. On Saturday night, Fitz took us to the 'homecoming' football game at his old college, Louisana State University and we had a fine time "tailgating" (eating Jamabalaya and drinking beer from the back of a pick-up before the game), buying t-shirts, hats and pom-poms, supporting LSU and trying to enjoy what has to be the most boring game in the world but wrapped up in the most amazing spectacle and enthusiasm complete with cheerleaders and huge marching band. LSU ... read more
Crossing a bayou

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge September 11th 2005

I am physically in England, but my head is so in BR right now. I've been couped up in the library writing for class...actually I've been reading play for play of the LSU game. It sounds like it was awesomeeee. I miss you guys so much! But that's okay, we can all watch the National Championship game together in January. Bad night in Brighton: Last night I went out in Brighton with my friend Laura and her friend from Wales and my friend Ashley. Firstly, the girl from Wales says "cunt" alot, and she noticed I was cringing. She thought it hilarious to call me that all night....god that was so vulgar. Anyway, we were on the bus, and these French guys in the seats behind us were trying to hit on us and talking about ... read more

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