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North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge December 1st 2011

Thanksgiving was our real reason for leaving New Orleans we could have stayed but in all likelihood we would have spent it with other travellers at the hostel and that’s it. We would have got a free dinner and seen a Thanksgiving parade but as Robert Parish would soon find out. I like to gamble to try and get the outstanding than the standard. Sometimes it works out other times it doesn’t. As we drove through the slum area east of New Orleans we passed average cars with doors that open up instead of out. Cars bolstered up and massive glittering hubcaps as we turned onto the highway. Constantly talking about how we should go back. A few times we almost did because hey it made sense. But full credit to Parish he knew the decision ... read more
2 - the table
The Buffalo Wings
3 - meal #2

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge July 17th 2011

Well, I am still in the Baton Rouge area. It took all week for me to find a generator repairman and get him out to my location. He looked at it on Friday and said the carburator is bad. Good news is he has one in his shop and should have it running Monday. And, he told me to make a list of things that need work and he will fix them for me. Yes, sadly, there is a list. The auxillary batteries don't seem to be charging properly and my roof leaks. I thought I had the roof taken care of but I suppose the other guy missed a spot. It seems to be leaking along the seam where the roof and the gutter meet. Hopefully a little roof goo will fix it. It has ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge July 12th 2011

I finlly slowed down a minute yesterday and realized that I have been LIVING in my RV for 11 days! That is really cool! It has actually been an easy transition from the apartment to the bus. Yes, it is smaller but it is all mine. No Mr. Stompy Butt-head upstairs, no one walking their dogs all day long in a continuous stream of traffic by my patio, no parking problems! ( I love dogs but I do not love owners who refuse to clean up after their pet when it has left presents two feet from my back door! As far as Mr. Butt-head, he earned that name because he would sit on his upstairs balcony smoking and then throw his cigarette butts down on the grass right next to the dog poop!) So, what ... read more

Hi ya'll! Wow ... a lot has happened since my last blog. I moved out of my apartment last Thursday and am now in my RV at a park down the road. The move was like all moves ... stuff seemed to multiply and expand. The more I boxed and moved to storage, the more stuff I seemed to have. It was surreal. James and I started moving things on Wednesday. We were really in the flow and I was not thinking very far ahead when I told him, "Hey, let's go ahead and bring the sofa and my bed over to storage. That way all we will have to move tomorrow are the boxes and smaller things." So, we loaded them up, hauled them over to the storage unit and went back to the apartment. ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge June 27th 2011

Change seems to be the theme for today and they are coming in rapidly. As James and I were traveling up to Central to buy the RV, I received a phone call from my dear friend, Robin Myers. Robin was calling to tell me that our mentor and close friend, Bob "Medicine Hawk" MC Clellan had transitioned. Bob and his wife, Mary Ann, have been two of my teachers on my spiritual path. Many of you know that I have done Vision Quest the last two Thanksgivings. Bob and Mary Ann hosted me and supported me in that process. It has been their life's work to teach people about the old ways of Native people and to keep those traditions alive. I have been blessed to have had Bob as part of my life. His love, ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge June 26th 2011

Wow! Just twelve days until I hit the road in my RV! I am excited but feeling the pressure as I have so much to do before I leave. Last Thursday was a big day. James and I looked at an RV and I loved it. It is a 1997 Bounty Class A motorhome that is 34 feet long. I am purchasing it from an elderly couple who had to sell due to health issues. They have assured me it is road ready - new belts, hoses, tires, etc.. The outside looks a bit weathered but the interior is in excellent condition. It only has 36,000 miles on it so it should carry me as far a I choose to travel! We close the deal on Monday. Thursday evening I traveled down to New Orleans to ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge April 16th 2011

Geo: 30.4435, -91.1869This morning we went into Jackson. The Cancer Run for the Cure was being held so most vehicle traffic was restricted. We were lucky to find a parking place and we did a quick tour of the downtown area. From there we headed for Baton Rouge which is an oil town. We passed many refineries along the way into town. There is a very attractive riverfront development but very little housing in the downtown area. In fact most restaurants were closed leading one to believe that little normally happens here on Saturday. There was a Phoenix University Convocation being held at the main performing arts theater downtown. ... read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge February 23rd 2011

This is the tallest capitol building in the United States, not the largest as that's in Texas but it is the tallest. It is also unusual in that it was designed in the art deco style rather than classical. It was commissioned by former Governor Huey P Long but he never had a chance to really use it as he was assassinated on the day that it opened. I love the interior detailing but my only wish is that I could capture what I see within one photo instead of makes me appreciate the human eye. The view from the top is gorgeous but in order to see it you need to arrive before 4 PM as that's when it closes. Another tip is that you should make sure to eat lunch before seeing the ... read more
top window (1024x644)
view from top of capitol 001 (1024x683)
view from top of capitol 002 (1024x677)

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge January 25th 2010

So jetzt widme ich mich mal dem Leben auf dem Campus. Ich hab ja schon ewähnt welche Kurse ich hier belege und dass es wahrlich mehr Aufwand ist hier zu studieren als bei uns auf der KF. Es gibt aber auch noch neben dem Studieren einge nette Aktivitäten hier auf der LSU, da wäre zum einen mal die ganzen sportlichen Aktivitäten, wie Basketball, Schwimmwettkämpfe, Baseball und Football, dazu noch Wettkämpfe in Leichtatlethik, Fußball und und und. Karin und ich waren Donnerstag (21/1) bei unserem ersten Basketballspiel. LSU Tigers gegen eine Mannschaft aus Auburn Texas. Nach dem ganzen Trara mit amerikanischer Hymne (die Leute singen doch tatsächlich mit und die kennen den Text...muss zugeben, dass ich die österreichische nicht kann) und dem tanzenden Tiger (war leider nicht der echte...frag mich warum sie ein Maskottchen haben, dass sie ... read more
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