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North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge October 26th 2019

It was a Tiger-off in the Bayou on Saturday, my first top-10 matchup of the season. After I bought my ticket for the LSU-Auburn game last week while at Alabama, I had a little bit of buyer’s remorse. Had I made the right choice? For one, Baton Rouge is a little bit further away from my house than I had expected. Second, I had been an Auburn fan at one point, having attended several games at Auburn before I ever attended my first as a UGA student. And lastly, I only knew one person in Baton Rouge, but she said she would actually be out of town for the weekend. Nevertheless, I have wanted to attend a game here for a long time. I would’ve come to LSU last year when UGA played, but tickets were ... read more
Definitely felt like the bayou early in the morning
Memorial Tower, icon of LSU
Gateway to LSU

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge June 25th 2019

The Mississippi is currently 30-40 feet above normal. What we see as little bushes above the water are really big trees. We weren’t able to stop at Nottoway plantation today as the method of docking used there is called ‘stumping’ i.e. tying the ropes to tree stumps, and the stumps are all under water so we’re sailing today and stopping tomorrow at Francisville. We left an hour or so late yesterday as some passengers had been delayed by stormy weather at Houston. It was really magical in the evening watching the lights of ships and onshore facilities all lit up with the shadows of trees occasionally interrupting the view. I could have stayed out all night. Below Baton Rouge all the traffic is industrial with ships and barges carrying anything from oil and coal to sugar ... read more
Watching another paddlesteamer
Outside our cabin (woops stateroom) Arizona
At close quarters with a freighter

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge June 18th 2016

Greetings from Baton Rouge, LA! 484 extremely hot miles today. I left Fort Payne, AL at 3:00am and arrived in Baton Rouge, LA at about 3:00pm. It's great to see my old friends again and for the next two days, I will be here in Baton Rouge catching up. As for the trip home: Currently, a large part of the country is experiencing a major heat wave. Specifically, the areas that I will be riding through fro the remainder of the trip will be dangerously hot. Some of there desert areas will be in excess of 120 degrees. This is the point where it stops being about the ride, stops being about having fun and starts being a death march. Additionally, I have to remove a majority of my protective gear in order to survive heat ... read more
Fort Payne, Alabama 3:00am
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 3:00pm

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge June 18th 2016

**My apologies, I haven't published a blog entry in a few days, I've written them but somehow they didn't publish. I'll resume below.** Greetings from Baton Rouge, LA. No riding today, just taking some time to hang out with old friends. Before I get into what we did today, let me relate to you the tale of how I came to know these particular friends and how I came to live in Baton Rouge back then as well as how I have the career that I have now as it is all intertwined. Grab a beer and get comfortable because I've never written this whole story down before and it's going to take a while to relate. Many many years ago, I was offered the opportunity to serve as an AmeriCorps National Rapid Response Corps (NRRC) ... read more
The coolest little dude I know  takes the Mothership for an imaginary spin.

Bonjour à tous, Cet après midi j'ai passé les 10 000 kms km depuis mon départ de Québec le 26 mai. Hier au soir, j'ai souper dans un resto, en France on dirait une gargotte, qui serait probablement interdite, pour cause de provocation. Des cochons partout. J'ai encore fait un effort, en choisissant des ribs mode Cajun (genre côtes levées). Je devais en avoir une quinzaine, délicieuses, au moment du repas, seulement je me suis levé plusieurs fois, j'avais la bouche en feu. Pour la première fois depuis longtemps, ce matin le ciel est couvert, gris, mais quand même 27° à 8h et 90% d'humidité c'est moite. Le tour de Natchez va être très vite fait, malgré les conseils de mon guide rien ne retient mon attention en particulier. Les maisons Antebellum (datant d'avant la révolution ... read more
Red River

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge July 31st 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 found me heading to an IHOP in Houma LA to have a “see you soon” breakfast with several friends. I had selected the IHOP because of its proximity to a Home Depot and the accompanying large parking lot that would accommodate my truck with the Pilgrim in tow. Today was a great day for a late start because my next destination was Baton Rouge LA – a mere 85 mile drive. After having stayed at half a dozen RV parks in Chapter 2013 of “The Great Adventure,” I am getting back into the routine of campsite set-up and teardown. It’s amazing how rusty the mind can get after seven months of dormancy. After breakfast, I set out for Baton Rouge. The trip to the Farr Park RV Campground was uneventful. Actually, the ... read more
The View From The Pilgrim With My Morning Coffee
Food For The Mississippi
A Sidewheel "Steamer"

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge March 27th 2013

The geography changed when we crossed the Texas/Louisiana border. We crossed through Cajun country and bayou areas. Some houses are built up off the ground and Interstate 10 is one long bridge over a water basin area. Baton Rouge was a nice, clean impressive city. We toured the old Historic State Capitol and the new State Capitol. Lots of history and it was all free to tour - including the ride to the 27th floor of the new Capitol which had awesome views of the Mississippi and area. We stayed at the Comfort Suites in Port Allen on the west side of the Mississippi. Baton Rouge is on the east side. It was very handy to Highway 1, the Plantation Road, which we travelled the next day.... read more
Mississippi and Us
Live Oak

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge March 1st 2013

HOUMAS HOUSE FRIDAY - The Houmas House, “The Sugar Palace” is the last stop on the cruise. The house has evolved since the first building in the 1770s and the present mansion in the late 1820s. The 32 acre estate has 450 year old oak trees and beautiful gardens with abundant fountains and statuary. The house now is home to a fine dining restaurant and adjacent buildings house a café and large rooms for wedding receptions and parties. A wonderful setting for special events. It was used in the 1963 film “Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte” starring Bette Davis. My tour guide was the best ever! She had the whole group roaring with laughter with her quips and stories. The house is now the residence of the owner and open to the public as a reminder of ... read more

Geo: 30.4435, -91.18695/13/12 - We left the hotel at 8 AM today and drove through Destin to Pensacola, through small beach towns, some lined with concrete condos 20-25 stories high. It reminded me of Miami, though on a smaller scale. The beaches that we could see were very nice, with light colored sand. And some areas reminded us of Old Orchard Beach in Maine...coastal, touristy, and sometimes tacky.The word for today is BAYOU. I have never seen so many raised roadways/bridges. Some of them went on for miles over swamps, marshes, lakes and rivers. An interesting thing to read more

North America » United States » Louisiana » Baton Rouge March 16th 2012

Left RiverView RV Park & Resort on 3/14/12 headed to Livingston, LA just east of Baton Rouge on I12. Arrived in Livingston around 3:00pm. Weather was 76 when leaving Vidalia, and was 81 when arriving at Livingston. After getting parked, we had a cookout at our niece's home with Aleta's sister, Christine, Larry, Debbie, Shelly, Ashley, and various grandkids of theirs. Cookout was hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ sausage, chips, and "southern" sweet tea. THANKS DEBBIE AND LARRY!!! Thursday - high of 82 - - HAD to have lunch at Wayne's BBQ, just up the road from Lakeside RV park - - yummmmmmmmm!!!! Made a run to Red Jacket only to find that entry was by appointment only. They were filming the show "Sons of Guns". The security guard was pleasant and we did get to chat briefly ... read more
New Natchez Bridge
Da Mississippi River
Red Jacket

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