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North America » United States » Kentucky » Lexington August 3rd 2015

The first leg of our trip started early in the morning as neither Sandy nor myself could sleep very well. We had the kids and all of our luggage loaded into the car and on the road by 5:05. A quick pit stop for gas just outside of Woodstock, only because the night before we had to to swing back to Pickering as we had left our passports at home. Crossed the border into Detroit at 7:45 and got lost almost right away. I guess this was before us each having smart phones with GPS in them. A Michigan map helped us out eventually and we stopped at a Starbucks for a drink and to feed the kids some cereal. In Findlay Ohio with made a quick stop to check out a spooky house. Another stop ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Somerset July 24th 2015

Bonjour à tous, Valley Music, au Nightlife, a été une réussite. C'est une salle de spectacle, avec diner, d'environ 300 places. Tout inclus pour 48$, une boisson et surtout presque 3 heures de musique. Sur le parking il y a des cars de tous les États-Unis. A peine assis j'entend parler Français derrière moi, un couple de Montréal. Nous échangeons quelques mots, ça me fait tellement de bien de parler en Français. Eux trouvent le repas super bon, moi bien ordinaire, mais pour le rapport qualité prix c'est pas mal. C'est un self, et au désert, j'ai fait une découverte, en le mangeant, car je ne savais pas ce que ce pouvait être de la confiture avec jambon ou jambon à la confiture, très surprenant. Il faut être d'Amérique du nord pour aimer. Avec un peu ... read more
Francklin City
la route cet après midi

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville May 12th 2015

Following a six-night stay (I truly am losing it!) at T. O. Fuller State Park in Memphis TN, I packed up the Pilgrim and began humming my Willie Nelson anthem. I initially had planned a two-week stop in the Louisville KY area to accommodate the attractions plus the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) activities – most notably The Great Steamboat Race. With one aunt and three cousins also to visit in the area, I knew I would have an action-packed two weeks. When I saw the large number of interesting attractions and then learned that Add-More Campground in Clarksville IN, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, has only daily and monthly rates (I learned that was to discourage gypsies), I decided to pay for the entire month and to add a third week to my stay. ... read more
What Else Would Adorn Louisville Streets But Horses
How Do You Say Louisville???
Many Old, Abandoned Commercial Structures In The Inner City Are Being/Have Been Repurposed Instead Of Demolished

I was Googling a steamboat excursion on the Mississippi River, perhaps Memphis to Saint Louis and back, when I happened upon a steamboat race. Now, this is the kind of unique event that finds its way right onto Uncle Larry’s “A List!” Further examination revealed the Belle of Louisville annually races the Belle of Cincinnati on the Ohio River. It’s not an excursion but an evening trip of a few hours. That works for me! Further research revealed there is a horse race the Saturday following the steamboat race – the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) began, believe it or not, on January 15, 2015 with the Norton Sports Health Training Program. The program was a 14-week conditioning program to ready contestants for the KDF Marathon and miniMarathon. Whew! What a relief to learn ... read more
The Local TV Stations Did Several Live Broadcasts During Their Morning News Programs
The Launch Site Is Very Spacious
There Was A Small Crowd On A Workday Afternoon

North America » United States » Kentucky March 30th 2015

Hey Y'All. We have recently arrived in the Southern States of America and find ourselves talkin with a southern drawl. We have had an amazin week, sine we last left you, starting on the Boardwalk in Altlantic City, onto the Nation's Capital and through the beautiful Appalacian Mountains in the "Virginias". We currently find ourselves in Kentucky, Horse and Whisky territory...very important not to drink and horse! Atlantic City saw us on the boardwalk, where the first Miss America pageant took place in the 1920's and continues to this day. We also had a flutter in one of the many themed casinos (not losing a penny) and did a spot of shopping in the outlet stores. From there Washington DC beckoned us. WOW, what an amazing day and so many incredible sights. I think we walked ... read more
Sunset on the boardwalk
Atlantic City

North America » United States » Kentucky » Mammoth Cave March 16th 2015

Day 7: we have traveled a ton so far! Snowboarded, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cincinnati, louisville, and now we are gonna rest in cave city, KY. Tomorrow we are going to see the largest caves in the United states! It should be an awesome time! Here is a map of our recent travels!... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Bowling Green October 9th 2014

North America » United States » Kentucky July 3rd 2014

My very first genuine road trip! Out to Kentucky to spend the 4th with family and then off we went. We hit up Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio and then we headed on down to the Manmouth Caves after spending the afternoon in Lousiville. From there we continued on over to Nashville, Tennessee for some PBRs and country music. The journey to Savannah had us stopping in Swainsboro at the cutest little Bed and Breakfast and some bad Mexican food before making our way to the history filled, ghost ridden town of Savannah. Then it was time to start getting ourselves back home. Not without a pitstop in Charlotte and Richmond however! Oh and why not make our way to Quantico for a short stop on base. Overall I believe we hit up eight states all together ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky June 25th 2014

We started Saturday morning for Houchins Ferry Campground. We put coordinates in GPS which we took from a website and we ended up in middle of nowhere. We went back to visitor center which was 15 miles from that point and took the exact address of the campground and finally we reached there in evening. We were expecting a nice river side camping before we start an adventurous cave trip but we disappointed. Campsites were good but toilets were really dirty and stinky. We had to use visitor center's restrooms which are 20 miles far from the site. Water in the green river flows so slow that it looks still water only and you will see lot of junk and won't think to swim in that. No hiking trails from the camping site is another disadvantage ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Marion May 26th 2014

Start: Utica Ziel: Marion Tageskilometer: 115 Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 64 Gesamtkilometer: 1'759.5 Haben eine Zeitgrenze überschritten und müssen die Uhren eine Stunde zurückstellen. Die Zeitdifferenz zur Schweiz beträgt nun 7 h. Deshalb ist es schon hell als wir um 06.45 h aufstehen. Fahren kurz vor Jonathan und Jerry los. Nach ca. 35 km, in Sebree nehmen wir an der Tankstelle einen Kaffe zur Stärkung. Wollen möglichst viele Kilometer machen bevor die Hitze kommt. Die Landschaft wird noch weiter und flacher, was uns gut vorankommen lässt. Fahren kurz vor Mittag in Clay an. Da gäbe es sogar ein Restauran, doch das hat zu weil heute der Memorial Day ist. Glücklicherweise hat dann ein Family Dollar Laden offen und wir können uns etwas kaufen um Sandwiches zu machen. Geniessen diese dann im Schatten weil es drückend heiss wird. Dan... read more
Gut für unaufmerksame Autofahrer, schlecht für uns
Fahnen für den Memorial Day

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