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North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester May 28th 2022

Day 1 May 28, 2022 Saturday (Rob and Dina) I didn't get much sleep as we had an exciting night after a bear decided to pay a visit to our garbage can in our front driveway. It was a big bear too. I thought I might see a bear this weekend, since we are spending it in the mountains in KY, but I did not expect to see one before we even left home! Despite getting to bed late and struggling to calm down enough to sleep, we woke up ready to get going. We headed out sometime after 10 am and went the familiar way through Oak Ridge to the I-75. It's a long drive, so we chatted about politics, science and our dreams for the future. After we talked for a bit, I listened ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester May 25th 2011

One of the criticisms often thrown at eastern mountains is that they do not have the geological extravagance of their western counterparts. Western mountains have been carved into arches, canyons, hoodoos, and many other freakish sights. Eastern mountains, in this view, look like mere outsized hills. In reality, parts of the east have formations just as noteworthy as their western counterparts. The Red River Gorge in Kentucky is one of them. First, I had a major problem to deal with. I discovered this morning that my camera body had a hairline fracture. It was not enough to disrupt my camera’s functioning, but it did mean that it was no longer watertight. When one needs to shoot pictures outdoors as much as I do, this is a major issue. Sending it in for repair meant that I ... read more
Trail Shelter
Bridge Top Trail
Natural Bridge top

North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester December 3rd 2008

Time to leave, we had planned on leaving Monday, but it snowed. Tuesday, was nice a bit warmer, and Heather wanted to show us the house they are thing of buying. It is a huge house, 4550 sq feet. 2 stories plus unfinished basement. House is 52 years old. Pete took a look at the electric, was frowning. Pete II called a friend to have a look, she agreed with Pete. So this will not be the house for them. It also has a problem with foundation, and basement gets flooded from time to time. Other than that, nice house, 2 acres, close to Pete's job. Well darn it. So wel elft for NC, to the Ledwin's. They are very old friends from our GWSC, who sold out in Indian Rocks and moved to Warne, NC ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester November 28th 2008

Heather was up at 0330 and going shopping. Not I! We stayed in nice comfortable bed, nice and warm with Oreo by my feet. Got up around 0830, found Noah up already, he doesn't sleep late, Andrew got up around 1100. Eli was up relatively early. I fixed all a breakfast. We sat around watching a movie and talking. Heather came in, wore out with all kinds of stories. She went to take a nap. I fixed lunch from left overs, yummy! Pete came in early, around 1600 hours, wanting to play more canasta, and you guessed it, Heather and Maribel got slaughtered this time. But it was fun. ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester November 27th 2008

We had Heather's parents and Grandparent over for dinner. Heather cooked a country ham and a turkey. One brother showed up later on with girlfriend. Much to much food, everyone brought something to. ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester November 26th 2008

We left the Motel at 0730. Had great weather, this cockpit is a bit different. We have been looking for the radar, to check traffic, but didn't find it. Do we need one in the landboat? We decided we would speak to some other RV'ers first chance we get. What upgrades do we need? We spoke of different things we would like to do, now that we are part dirt lovers. We did buy a Garmin Nuvi 255 while in Fort Lauderdale, replacing the Lowrance we left on the boat when we sold it. The Garmin talks to you, it is in color, pretty accurate. It includes Canada, Continental US including Alaska and Puerto Rico with the Virgin Islands. So at least we have a chart plotter in the cockpit. The auto pilot works but only ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Winchester October 8th 2007

No school here. You'd think after a week off for fall break these kids would be back, NO, teacher planning day. We were leaving this morning, when lil Pete said he had taken day of work. And we had to stay. So here we are, deiced to take kids somewhere...this is what we did. There is a soft drink only known in KY. Ale81. So Pete called the company, asked if we could have a tour, and so we went. See this website: It is a delicious drink, made out of ginger. Small company, but we were impressed by the new equipment. It has been around since 1902. Lil Pete always hungry, we went back out so Maribel could make Pico de Gallo (fresh salsa). She is also cooking a venison roast for dinner. Thank ... read more

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