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North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City May 31st 2017

We got up early this morning - Jody because that's what Jody does - and I because I wanted to be certain that my tire pressure issues were finally behind us. So I got up at 6, took a shower and headed down to the bike for what I hoped to be the last time checking tire pressure. The good news is that it was exactly 42psi just as it should be! So I headed back to the room to book a hotel for tonight and tomorrow in Cave City, KY. I had briefly considered the Wigwam Village Inn in Cave City which are hotel cabins made of concrete and shaped like teepees. They're left over from the 30's, and a little small, so we opted for something a little more conventional. By the time we ... read more
Cumberland Caverns - The Bike Is Down!
Cumberland Caverns - Cave Formations
Cumberland Caverns - Crew of 5 Plus Guide

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City October 19th 2015

"He says" : It has been a while; problem is that we spend a lot of time in RV parks or places that have no WiFi... so we experience a lot and take lots of pictures but are unable to do a blog so please be patient with us.....this is actually being written in Alabama but I know you will forgive me if the "story" of our journey is a bit brief and very condensed!!! Leaving Canada and entering the states was exciting; we crossed the border with no problems and we're now in a land that our dollar was worth 75 cents...comforting that not only are we poor but the label of "trailer trash' is appropriate; the tin cup of begging is now very much needed...I wish I could sing and play an instrument rather ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City April 18th 2011

Mammoth Cave I spent most of today in central Kentucky. This part of Appalachia has unusual geology. The consequence of this geology on the surface is subtle but unmistakable. There is no visible water! Except for the Green River at the center of the region, it has no major streams or lakes. There are plenty of rolling hills with great views, but no water at all. The reason lies under the surface. Central Kentucky contains what geologists call karst terrain. Millions of years ago, the area was a shallow ocean. Layers and layers of sea creatures and coral were deposited, which hardened into limestone. An ancient river then dumped tons of sediment into the ocean, which hardened into a layer of shale over the top. When the land uplifted into the Appalachian Moun... read more
New Entrace Chimney
Final pit crossing
Grand Central Station

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City July 12th 2009

Today we toured Bowling Green by first taking the fascinating tour of the Lost River Cave where Jesse James reportedly hid out. It was a great boat tour through the cave. We loved it. Mariah's Restaurant is in an old historic building from 1818 so we enjoyed a great lunch there---the best grilled portabella sandwich I've had in ages. We continued on the Civil War Discovery Trail to tour the Kentucky Library and Musuem where we saw the Duncan Hines exhibit and Civil War exhibits. We then visited the Historic Railpark and Train Museum. We cruised Fountain Square and Circus Square and the Riverview and Hobson Grove. We finished out the day enjoying the old-fashioned 100 year-old Beech Bend Amusement Park and Splash Lagoon where we enjoyed a vintage 100 year-old wooden rollar coaster and another ... read more
Historic Trains
Wooden rollar coaster
Beech Bend Amusement Park

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City June 21st 2009

Father's Day. Well the day started with excitement. I woke early and dug out our clothes for a 4.5 hour cave tour where cannon and I would crawl through small caves. We had to have jeans, boots over our ankles, gloves, and kneepads. Well... Here lies the problem. Dad could only find one of his boots. I wore them Friday but where can it be. I tore the car apart. Then I woke cannon and gave him bad news. He was a trooper. We went to tour office and they refunded us and booked us on a historic walking tour in the morning and cannon on a Trog for the afternoon. Kind of a light version of the one we were going on but limited to 8 to 12 year olds and parent couldn't go. He ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City June 20th 2009

We kayaked and fished the Green river. a Beautiful Trip. I swear the best part for cannon was being able to ride in the back of the truck to the drop off point. ... read more
Cannon Bob and Rob Bob
Photo 3

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City June 18th 2009

Day 17. Mammoth Cave, KY. We went on the Grand Avenue Tour of Mammoth Caves. It was a blast and we spent 4.5 hours, 4 miles, temp 55*, 300 feet underground. Cannon loved it. Dad was tired. ... read more
The boys enjoying a great view
The walk up
I made FIRE

North America » United States » Kentucky » Cave City May 16th 1993

Geo: 37.1387, -85.9595Got up slowly; breakfast at chain (sigh). Then we headed to find a supermarket -- took a while. Lots of fast food restaurants, though. Then to downtown to take a few pictures, do part of the city walk. Next, out of town. Drove first to the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home. Nice movie, audio-tape tour. Lovely gardens. House seemed small for the number of people who lived there. Also toured neighboring Tulip Grove Mansion -- only the first floor is open.Drove to Cave City. Tried swimming but pool too chlorinated; yeech. Walked across street for dinner. Then walked to town. After, went to have dessert at hotel cafe but were appalled by all the Bible quotes on the placemats. Walked to a different restaurant; bath; book; bed.... read more
World Famous Printers' Alley
The Capitol
Fort Nashborough

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