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North America » United States » Kansas » Scranton July 25th 2011

I finished my six week Arabic language course in Fez, Morocco, and have since returned to Kansas. However, I finished that course more than two weeks ago and covered quite a bit of Morocco during that time, quickly followed with a rapid tour of Lisbon and a re-entry into regular routes through Northeast Kansas. I began my post-class vacation in Asilah, a beach town along the Atlantic coast in Morocco. Jennifer and I wilted in the heat for the four-hour train ride from Fez, but were quickly revived by the ocean breeze once we exited. Once installed in our hotel, we found a decent little place down the street where we ate fish tagines, or stews, complete with mint tea proffered by the waiter. As we wandered through the old part of town, we appreciated the ... read more
Asilah Art
To the Beach!
Paradise Beach

North America » United States » Kansas July 24th 2011

Today was kind of a strange day. After getting in to WaKeeney after midnight and carrying the sleeping boys into the camper, we decided sleeping in was a good thing. We think they were awake by 7:30, after which they pulled out almost all of the toys in their room and created a multi-vehicle accident scene, complete with tipped over light pole. It was an interesting start. The day was a mix of somewhat odd attractions/sites of interest/weirdness and caching. This vacation, to date, has mostly been about seeing the real attractions--Zion, Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, but that's not really who we are. Jeff and I are more about seeing the Mt Horeb Mustard Museum (in Wisconsin) and the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church (in Kansas, not a long way from where we are now). ... read more
Nicodemus Nat'l Historic Site
Cottonwood Ranch State Historic Site

North America » United States » Kansas » Colby June 29th 2011

It was a long drive through corn fields to the other side of Kansas. Our goal was Colby, Kansas. I met with Troy at Colby College in Kansas. Troy just inherited management of allied health programs and was extremely interested in our partner concept. Colby Community College is the central college for 14 different counties with 15 hospitals. Definitely worth the trip and the timing was perfect. Colby has a Veterinary Technician program with a waitlist. Our Veterinary Assistant course will be perfect for this campus. Another beautiful campus. Colby is described as "an oasis on the plains." They had Starbucks! Terry and Graycee went to Starbucks while I met with Troy.... read more
Colby CC Campus
Colby - A Great College!

North America » United States » Kansas » Salina June 29th 2011

We enjoyed our visit to Salina, Kansas. We found Terry’s childhood home and elementary school (now a district administration building). Graycee enjoyed the nearby park called Indian Rock. Terry’s home looked like a 400 sq foot bungalow. We drove around the neighborhood and downtown Salina as he described all the places he used to walk to or ride his bike. He went to swimming lessons every day at the swim center that is now boarded up (over 50 years old). All the pictures tell the story. The picture of “Lincoln-Roosevelt” Middle School was where Terry went in the 7th grade. It was called Roosevelt Middle School at the time. The high school, Lincoln High, was boarded up behind this building. We grabbed a fresh food organic lunch at a market and ate under a tree near ... read more
Indian Hill Elementary School
Lunch at the Granary
Roosevelt Middle School

North America » United States » Kansas » Wichita June 28th 2011

Just before we reached the Kansas border, we saw huge flames off of I-35 - a grass fire. It looked like the wind was pushing the fire away from local houses. I took a few pictures through the windows. We arrived in Wichita, Kansas at 10 PM Tuesday night. We drove 500 miles through 3 states. Today we head to Loveland, Colorado. We will be stopping in Salina, Kansas this morning to see the house Terry lived in for 2 years when he was 10 - 12 years old. His dad, who passed on May 13, was stationed at Shilling Airforce Base (closed). I left my AT&T network device at home and I have not been able to post while on the road. Until Tracy mails to Oregon, I will be doing this at the hotel. ... read more
Big Fire in Oklahoma Field

North America » United States » Kansas » Olathe June 28th 2011

We thought we would reward the kids for being so good last week by taking them to see “Cars 2”. That did not go quite as planned. Connor said it best once we left and were getting in the car when he said, “That sure is not what I thought it would be.” That pretty much set the tone for the remainder of the day. It had rained that morning and was heating up fairly quickly so the humidity was becoming unbearable. We still decided to stop for a quick picnic at Wyandotte County Lake Park just over the state line in Kansas. Most of the shelter areas were filled so we found a quiet picnic table that sat right on the lake shore. The wind was blowing just hard enough to make everything blow around, ... read more
20110625-DSC 9512
20110625-DSC 9515
20110625-DSC 9516

North America » United States » Kansas » Atchison June 21st 2011

Still packing and unpacking... According to weather. com, Edinburgh is a chilly 52 degrees right now and rainy! Umbrella-check! raincoat--check! We leave KC and fly to Newark then to Edinburgh. Meet our guide, "Craig in a Kilt," and off we go across Scotland to the Isle of Mull. More when we get there. Please keep up with our travels... SCOTLAND---HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Atchison June 20th 2011

Test #2 Did you receive this test??... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Kansas City June 18th 2011

18 JUNE 2011 -- Well my 1st trunk's time was up. When the lid broke I knew I needed a new trunk, I had been kind of looking for one because my Nolan103 helmet that I bought this year would not fit in this trunk. The trunk was too short, I needed a taller trunk. The helmet is 11 inches tall. The trunk lasted me a good 3 years and I got more than my monies worth out of it. Anyway I searched and searched and finally settled on this trunk from ebay vendor Halfpricetrade. The trunk was $88 with $25 shipping and handling charges. Here is the text from the ebay auction: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Large Motorcycle Trunk Honda yamaha harley 250 This is one of the largest motorcycle trunk in the market. The outer dimension ... read more
The bottom of the New Trunk
Marking the mounting holes in the bracket.
Mounting Plate bolted to the Bracket.

North America » United States » Kansas May 31st 2011

A small jewel that I came across in Southeast Kansas was the Carona Depot and Railroad Museum. I had read on a few other blogs about a train depot somewhere around Scammon, Kansas but could not find a webpage for it. Luckily there were a few signs directing us where to go. Though technically the place was not open for the season yet, the gentleman was extremely kind to unlock the various buildings and give us a guided tour. He took the time to explain the equipment and history and even invited Kim and Connor to try out certain displays, such as the phone that was a distant relative to our cell phones. Through two 1880s depot buildings and amongst the train engine and cars that was present the gentleman explained how the museum came to ... read more

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