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North America » United States » Kansas August 27th 2020

The year is 2020. Its crazy and messed up and just altogether not normal. It started out so promising, but soon showed us who is boss. Now we sit and wait. We wait for borders to re-open, restaurants to serve us inside again, and for these challenges to subside. I think we are going to be waiting quite a while on it seems like a good time to examine how I ended up here-with a new travel advisor certificate but nowhere to go. Thankfully, I know it isn't always going to be like this. So, hey, its CorrineMarie Married mom of 4 raising our family in a sort of small midwestern town suburb--but my heart is really in the big city lights. Bookworm, baker, wine aficionado and world traveler wannabe. Every chance we get ... read more
Our World's View
Union Station
Kansas City @ Union Station

North America » United States » Kansas » Coffeyville May 5th 2020

COMMUNITY PRIDE Winnemuccca is a bustling five brothel railroad town in north central Nevada. When you next visit there and perhaps might grow weary of drinking and carousing make your way the northwest corner of Bridge Street and 4th Avenue and gaze at the commemorative plaque outside of the First National Bank. That bank has been the source of community pride in Winnemucca since September 19, 1900 when it was robbed of $32,640 in gold by three sassy bandits who made a clean getaway with their booty. The bandits were later thought to be Harvey Logan, Will Carver, and the Sundance Kid. Butch Cassidy led the gang but was never identified as one of the robbers. Loot from Winnemucca and from the Tipton Train Robbery in Wyoming provided the funds needed for Butch and Sundance and ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Independence April 12th 2020

AMUSING FAMILY CONNECTIONS A girl named Laura Ingalls was born in 1867 and grew up on the prairie. One of the first places she lived was on a hard scrabble little farm a few miles southwest of Independence Kansas. Her dad, Charles Ingalls, was a God fearing, and a hardworking man, but by 1871, the locusts, the drought, and the grass fires drove him out. In 1869 a family known locally as the Benders moved into the area and set up a road house along the Osage Trace about as far northeast of Independence as the Ingalls family lived southwest of Independence. The distance between was about 25 miles. The Benders supplanted their meager income by murdering and robbing travelers at their roadhouse, and then burying the bodies in their garden. By 1873 they had a ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City September 12th 2019

Today was another driving day. We had an Airbnb reservation in Dodge City which was about 8 hours away. Karen always packed us sandwiches for our driving days so we didn’t have to take time to stop and eat. We also have a cooler if drinks and a huge bag of chips, snacks, and fruit. It not only saves tome but money. One issue we have had a few times is the distance we travel on state roads with no businesses in sight. This presents a problem going to the bathroom. We experienced that on this day. As I predicted, once we took care of communing with Mother Nature we came upon a rest area about 10 miles down the road!! Traveling after Labor Day is wonderful because schools are back in session and there are ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City July 3rd 2019

We rolled into Dodge City on a hot, dusty afternoon. The streets were empty because the citizens of this fair city knew that something was going to happen. All the usual suspects were drinking in the Dodge Hotel. The Kribs boys were hungry and decided to eat dinner at the "I don't care" know, "where do you want to eat? I don't care." Wouldn't you know that two stools down at the bar was Black Bart and he was in a fighting mood. Someone was going to end up at the Boot Hill Cemetery tonight. Where's Wyatt Earp when you need him? He's long gone and the Kribs boys would have to fend for themselves. They didn't come to Dodge City with malice in their hearts, but if anyone else was going to start something, ... read more
Emporia Veterians Memorial
Emporia (2)
WWII Sherman Tank

North America » United States » Kansas » Paola July 2nd 2019

I'm guilty of not stopping or looking for interesting spots on my trip from St. Louis today which ended up being about 280 miles to this small town southwest of Kansas City. I just was pushing to get here to meet Jim and didn't want to prolong the ride. So, not much interesting to say other than Jim left Fayetteville, AR a little early to beat a rainstorm coming in. He beat me to Paola by almost 3 hours. At least he had a nice air conditioned motel to wait for me, unlike an infamous failed snowmobile mission dreamt up by a friend of mine to meet his buddy at a trail intersection in the middle of nowhere at a specific time after riding 150 miles of trail. Tomorrow we head to Dodge City, KS and ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Junction City June 30th 2019

June 30 We had a leisurely breakfast this morning. David took the dogs to the dog park in the trailer park while I started breakfast. It was only a smigg cooler today and humidity was down too but still so sweltering that by the time David got back he was soaked with sweat. I wasn’t too sure we could make it in the heat touring the Eisenhower Library in Abeline today. The owners of the park were out by 8 am today mowing. We didn’t blame them but it wasn’t conducive to sleeping in on a Sunday morning. As we said the RV Park is sparse but very neat and clean. The owners lived in a 5th wheel near the front entrance and the dog park. The owners hovered over the place looking for the slightest ... read more
President Eisenhower's boyhood home.
The President and his wife, as well as small son who died are all buried in the chapel.
Statue of General Eisenhower on the grounds.

North America » United States » Kansas » Abilene June 29th 2019

June 29 We woke today to more heat. It seems it would only be a degree or two cooler today and the heat advisory was still in effect. Our granddaughter arrived around 10:30 am. Courtney is the oldest of our grandchildren and the only one we’ve spent extensive time with alone. As a young girl and later as a teenager, Courtney frequently spent time with us, a week or two during the summer. We have taken her to all sorts of historical places over the years: Washington DC, Vermont, Philadelphia, New York City and all over New Jersey. She stayed with us in California too where we had a grand time in Monterey, San Francisco, and the Redwoods. After our retirement she was grown and on her own so we have not seen her much for ... read more
David the photographer!
Dogs recovering after being outside in the heat!.

North America » United States » Kansas » Salina April 24th 2019

Weather: 70s and beautiful States: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas Cities: Williams, Albuquerque, Dodge city, Las Vegas (?) Miles: 995 miles Hours: 14 hrs 45 min Restaurant: Hotel/Home: Fairfield Audible: Resisting Happiness (a couple chapters at a time), Adrift We packed up early and hit the road at 6:30 AM. We had a long day ahead of us. It always seems so impossible to drive these 14 hour jaunts. It is daunting. We just keep ticking off the miles and hours. It is actually pretty cool to pass through towns and down roads across the country that you may have never know existed. The landscape keeps changing. The people keep changing. When you hear about a storm or an event on the news, you can say you’ve been there. You have left a footprint ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City March 29th 2019

We headed east out of Taos, on another winding mountain road, but this time knowing both the winding and the mountains would soon be at an end. It was a pretty busy road, and, unfortunately for those stuck behind us, there were no passing lanes. So we led a frustration parade, and I thought about how I used to feel about old farts towing trailers on good "sports car roads". Yes, now I am "that guy". We drove down into a beautiful high valley and passed the "Angel Fire" ski resort. We had heard that they had closed for the season, and we saw no one on the slopes even though the snow looked great to us. Past Eagle Nest Lake we climbed a low pass and entered into the gorgeous Cimarron Canyon. This was the ... read more
ATSF Loco in Dodge City
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