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February 21st 2008
Published: February 21st 2008
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What can I say about Wichita.......

The town is stuck in 1995. The only radio that they play here is country. Mostly from the days when Garth Brooks was king and Diamond Rio was what Rascal Flatts dreamed of becoming.

Seriously it's like I've stepped back in High School. Even the classic rock station plays 50s and 60s. Commercials are all from local businesses, trying to sell carpet, or used cars.

I guess there is some charm to all this but it makes me realize how far we've come in the past 13 years.

This job is tough, I really don't have time to be writing but I needed to take my mind off of it for a while. It's a good client in that the people are easy to work with, it's quiet, we all have our own cube (which is awesome). But its a varsity level client and I still feel like I'm on the JV team.

I've past the 1/2 way mark. This week marks the 8th week of busy season, and 8 more weeks to go. Crazy when I think about it, time has flown...since I've been back from Australia I've been seriously busy. I've only had 2 full weeks in Nashville. I think I hit the wall last week. I spent two full weeks in St. Louis which was great fun but all my jobs came to a closing point and rushed to get into review.

I was able to catch my breath this weekend. Mostly just getting organized and focused on finishing up busy season. It's still a long road a head but at least I can see the light (sorta).

So normally I use college basketball to count down the days of busy season, but as you know UK's not had the best record and I can't stand to see us loose so I haven't kept up with it. Thankfully the presidential election has kept my attention and allowed me to mark the weeks based on the state primary's. As you probably know, I'm an Obama supporter and it has been an exciting race to watch for that reason.

A year ago when I placed the bumper sticker on my car and started reading his book, people told me I was crazy and that he had no chance of ever becoming president. That kind of attitude has really propelled this campaign and a big reason it's carried him this far. The supporters are truly passionate about changing politics. For the first time that I know of we have a campaign that is moved from the bottom up. Barrack inspires people to get involved and make changes instead of waiting on government or corporations.

The reason I support him is not based on policies or voting records or speeches. I understand the game of politics to know that those things are just distractions during a campaign season. The reason I'm voting for him is based on the fact he realizes that he can't run the country by himself. He knows he doesn't have the pedigree, or the experience. He's going to rely on us to make changes. He can inspire regular people to take charge of their own communities. A true leader finds the qualities in others and inspires them to use those gifts to make real change. I think Barack sees the qualities in America that others have lost sight of.


24th February 2008

You seriously don't care about his policies?' His policies if successful will significantly raise taxes and increase the size of government. How much of your paycheck are you willing to part with? Read the Constitution and find out what the President of the United States is given the power to do. The President's job is not to inspire or send messages of hope and change around the world.
26th February 2008

Well....here's what I think.
1) If I understand his plan he will raise taxes for the rich by reducing the corporate loop-holes in the tax code. I don't think many regular citizens will be affected. His real goal is to reduce unnecessary gov't spending (war). 2) I'm in favor of increased government, as long as the government is responsible enough to spend wisely. i.e. I'm against leaving healthcare in the hands of greedy corporate leaders who aren't as concerned with the life of their employees as they are with their own retirement plan. 3) The president is only given as much power as they choose to accept, and if I remember right we do have checks and balances that without corporate lobbyists influence should restrict the president from doing anything the country isn't in favor of. 4) Shouldn't the President inspire? Shouldn't he or she be someone to look up to and project a strong image of our America to the rest of the world? I think that should be the most important quality we should look for in a leader. --Thanks for reading I appreciate your comments.

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