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June 28th 2008
Published: June 28th 2008
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about 2 days and i'm off.
this feels big, and i believe it will be a big movement in my life. i am excited for change and the unknown (even though sometimes i let my mind convince me that the unknown is scary, not usually for too long though). i have felt my life is too stagnant for quite some time and am ready for that feeling to dissipate with visions of things i will be seeing for the first time.
i am getting together a list of all i will be taking and will post it hopefully before i go to see how that list will change and how effective it will be for me.
my friends, if you have any desire to travel yet are unsure how (or do not think you can afford to), i may have told you about some of these websites but here are some more. to browse when you are thinking perhaps of a place you would like to go. (back packers how to travel the world on little money) (the thorn tree forum is great from what i've found) (haven't used it but will probably sometime, volunteer time in exchange for room and board) (volunteer on organic farms and receive free room and board) (great for ride sharing among many things it is used for) (if for some reason you wouldn't want to stay at a locals house, found from global freeloaders or couch surfing) (budget travel guide)

this is most of what i have been going through looking, reading, and contacting people with experience to ask any specific questions i have that i felt were not answered. hope this will help some of you to give a second thought to being able to travel at least a little.

peace and well being to everyone who takes the time to read this,


30th June 2008

The adventures of Huck Finn...I mean... Erica
Great hints, sis! Have an awesome trip and take zillions of pictures!! kiss kiss

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