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October 31st 2007
Published: October 31st 2007
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One will do anything for a chance to sleep in their own bed, even if for one night. On the road usually most of the week, I have driven home straight 17 hours to be here. Also, 14 hours, 11 hours, 15 hours, and from locations such as New Orleans, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Houston.
Driving is different from flying as it puts you behind the cockpit. There isn’t a security person asking you to dump out your water bottles and take off your shoes. However, on the road, whether you like it or not, you have entered the TRUCKERS DOMAIN. These truckers in America, and the rest of the world, think because they are so big that they can run over the tiny cars. They have their own lifestyles, radio shows, gas stations, etc. which is quite amusing if one isn't a trucker. Once I was in a truck stop in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE and was promptly confronted by 3 of the fattest, greasiest truckers, in the chocolate isle of course. So I meandered my way over to the KNIFE counter and started shopping for a huge metal blade. That didn't seem to deter my admirers so I had no choice but to leave the premises without my chocolate. Fuckers gotta leave me alone!

Not all 18 wheeled daddies are bad. Some of them have a road etiquette and courtesy with their load that might go unnoticed by most of the general population. Those road warriors that are on the highways for long hauls with the rest of them know what I am referring to. But, be FORWARNED. Those plastic pop bottles on the side of the road are not all filled with stout LEMONADE. It's a dirty world, when the overnighted priority can't be stopped by the urgency to relieve oneself. Personally, I have never pissed in a bottle. Mainly it would be too messy and secondly, I cannot bring myself to work THAT hard on the road. I need my breaks, my local diner dives, my hovering alone time over the loo. This is also why I NEVER drive through for eats.

I want to write a dining guide entitled, "I just drove through 4 states, I'm not driving through for dinner." It is amazing what one can find to eat if you look past the NEon signs that scream for hydrogenated oils. There once was a cook at a hole in the wall in Texas that made my breakfast with a cigarette in his mouth the whole time. I don't think he ashed it at all. Nonetheless, my breakfast was great. Some of my favourite eateries would not have been found had it not been for the help of the locals. ASK and YE shall receive people. Everywhere I go, no matter what is needed, there is always someone more than willing to tell me where to go. Or why the sun goes around the earth, or why dem hills have secrets. Sometimes the people won’t shut up long enough for me to get any words in, and these are the most interesting types. Also the hardest to let go. one of those "okthanksforchattingseeyoulater" and letsgetthehelloutofhere at the same time. Of all the conversations that I initiate with strangers 'round the world, not once have I felt threatened or in harms way. An Honest eye and lust for the truth goes a long way, at least when it comes to good food.

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2nd November 2007

you're not a bad writer at all. keep it up so i can live vicariously through you--i hate the traveling part of traveling, but the being there is nice. way to get a job, even if you did go to art school. and i'm glad to see that your heart is still in lawrence...

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