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May 25th 2007
Published: May 25th 2007
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This morning, I received my flight itinerary for my trip to Asuncion! I had checked travel sites to get a basic idea of how many miles and hours I'd be traveling. I had gotten myself used to the idea of my travel taking the better part of a day, and it looked like I'd have 3 legs to my trip (KC to Atlanta/Houston, there to Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires, there to Asuncion).

Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw my itinerary this morning! It will take me 5 flights and 23 hours (just from nose up to wheels down, not including ground travel) to get to my destination city! I will leave on July 5 from Kansas City and arrive July 6 in Asuncion--a whole day in transit!

I suddenly realize how far I am traveling, what distance and gap I am creating with my familiar life. Sure, I've thought nothing of packing 2 suitcases and moving 2,000 miles away from my hometown to Seattle. But, this is somehow different. I am beginning to get the inklings of what removal from North America might be like (my travels have thusfar taken me to 30-some states, 2 cities in Canada, and 4 cities in Mexico). The rules will change entirely, and in many ways, I will be at the mercy of my situation.

I am still thrilled, of course. I'm not getting cold feet! I think this turning point is happening because the trip is starting to feel real, now that I have my date, times, and seat assignments.

For anyone interested, this is my general path from Point A to Point B:

* Kansas City to Charlotte, NC
* Charlotte to Miami, FL
* Miami to Sao Paulo, Brazil
* Sao Paulo to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
* Ciudad del Estate to Asuncion

My next step is to acquire a Paraguayan Visa. The sheer amount of documentation required is a bit daunting. I'll write more about that later. Ciao for now!


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