Other Random Thoughts About Doing An RV Tour (Part 4?!?!)

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October 1st 2018
Published: October 1st 2018
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In my last entry, I determined that I would start my RV travels in San Diego. It seems like as good a place as any, and to be honest, starting in one corner and zig-zagging across the country adds a little symmetry to the adventure, doesn't it?

After having some time to think about it, however, I don't know if San Diego is the best option for me. The city seems amazing, but I have a strange love/hate connection with Los Angeles. On one hand, I can't stand certain parts of it: the crime, the traffic, the superiority complex. On the other hand, I love it. There's always something to do, the weather is about as close to perfect as you can get, and it's Los Angeles. Lakers basketball. Universal Studios. The Coliseum. The best food choices in the world. There's really nothing like it.

There are so many things to do in San Diego and Los Angeles, it makes the decision hard. I think instead of picking one, I'm going to have to stay somewhere in between both cities and stay there for two months instead of one. Sure, it goes against the general idea of the extended trip, but what good is it to have an RV and live life on the road if I have to follow arbitrary rules anyways? I mean, I made the rules, so why shouldn't I break them?

Both cities have amazing zoos, which I'm a big fan of. I've always been a science nerd. I love sports, but if I have to choose between a city with sports teams and a city with a great zoo and awesome museums, you can keep the sports teams. Then again, in Southern California you don't have to choose, do you? Los Angeles is also home to my favorite college team in all sports, the Southern California Trojans.

The problem is finding a place where I can keep an RV that's not more than a few hours from both cities. I don't know if that place exists yet, but I'm going to keep looking and assume it does. Southern Cali has black ice cream and the Mr. Pizza Potato Gold Pizza; surely they have an option somewhere outside of the city for someone like me.

What concerns me is getting to one of the two cities and realizing "screw it, I don't want to leave." I wouldn't be the first person sucked into the allure of Southern California. If I'm somewhere between the cities when I start out, I'll give them each a fair chance. I'll go ahead and proclaim that if I start in Los Angeles, there's a 75%!c(MISSING)hance I'll never leave. Why would I? Trojan Football season tickets and an internet connection is all I really need.

I thought about flying my animals out to Los Angeles so their first experience in the RV wouldn't be a 24-hour drive across the country, but did some research and realized what a bad idea that is. That's the subject for another article. Luckily, I don't have anything better to do at five in the morning. See you in a few.



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