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July 13th 2016
Published: November 26th 2016
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Photos from various places in Iowa, Illinois and possibly Wisconsin

When we started this blog 10 years ago (Happy Birthday Ake's and Emma's Blog!) the main purpose was to make it possible for us to publish our photos. We also try to add some stories, possibly an anecdote or two and write a bit about the places we visit. Hopefully we do it so good that we once in a while also manage to inspire people to visit the places we have been to. But what is most important to us is that we wish to let friends, relatives and anyone else who might be interested see the pictures we take.

Last summer we were in the US for a while. When we now finally have managed to sit down and sort out the photos we took then we realized that we had many which were publishable but where we don't have any good story to attach to them. That has never stopped us before. We can easily squeeze in a few such photos in between the other pictures in our blogs. But on this trip we had so many of them that we have
Grain elevatorGrain elevatorGrain elevator

This is a grain elevator. Grain elevators are, we've been told, also known as prairie icons, prairie cathedrals or prairie sentinels
decided to put them all in one blog and publish them all in one go. This is that blog.

These are just a lot of random pictures really so don't bother trying theme because there is none. Most of the photos were taken in Iowa, a few in Illinois and there might also be one or two from Wisconsin in there.

Our journey started in Chicago. We rented a car at O'Hare Airport and drove across Illinois straight to Iowa. We spent around a week driving around nooks and crannies and highways and byways of Iowa before we returned to Chicago again. We had a rough plan on where we wanted to go. There were a few places we knew we wanted to visit. We will write about those places in later blog entries. But on a trip like this we also make many unscheduled stops. Often those stops are just as interesting as the planned ones. Much of what you see in this blog entry come from these unscheduled stops.

In one town they had decorated the square with statues of Super Hero Cows That was an art project where one or more artists had carved statues of cows made to look like super hero characters. Spiderman became Spidercow, Superman becomes Supercow and Batman Batcow. There were well over a dozen of those statues and we just found them adorable. Cows might not be the prettiest of animals but made to look like superheroes they are fun to look at, aren't they?

We have a bit of a thing for nice looking bridges and in the US there are plenty of those. We have added two pictures of train bridges. They are just nice looking steel bridges, that's all. In our original plans for this trip we thought about seeing a bridge in central Iowa called Kate Shelley High Bridge. But due to bad planning we missed that one. Maybe we have to go back to Iowa some day.

This is all for now. We will return soon with more from our road trip in Iowa.

Additional photos below
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Intentional joke or mistake?Intentional joke or mistake?
Intentional joke or mistake?

Camp Crystal Lake is where the horror movies Friday the 13th take place...
Very American streetVery American street
Very American street

This looks so American that it looks fake

In New Jersey this street would for sure have been named after Bruce Springsteen. In Iowa some other Bruce is probably being honoured with a street name. Lee? Willis? Boxleitner
Funny signFunny sign
Funny sign

Me: "Funny sign. Got to take a photo" Camera: "Click" Me: "So funny I got to post it on Facebook. Hey, what is the password to the..." Me: "Oh... Never mind..."
Decaf makes no senseDecaf makes no sense
Decaf makes no sense

Decaf makes no sense to us either
We love AmericaWe love America
We love America

Super size coffee

26th November 2016

Making America great again
I'm intrigued why you chose Iowa as the destination for a USA roadtrip but with supercows and rural Americana it seems like a great choice. Great pics.
26th November 2016

It will be revealed
We will reveal the reason for choosing Iowa in a later blog. /Ake
27th November 2016
Railway bridge

I love trestles too ;o)
27th November 2016
Awesome building

Agree, nice architecture.
27th November 2016
Funny sign

Good sign!
27th November 2016
Art installation

ooooooooooooo I really like that!
27th November 2016
Decaf makes no sense

Me neither LOL
27th November 2016
Grain elevator

Grain elevator?
27th November 2016
Grain elevator

It might be a grain elevator. I just thought it was a cool looking building. Thanks for looking at our blog. /Ake
27th November 2016

Nice pix!
27th November 2016
Grain elevator

I live on the Canadian prairies. We have lots of grain elevators that are bigger & taller. The old wooden ones, often referred to as prairie icons, prairie cathedrals or prairie sentinels, have almost all been replaced by ugly cements ones waaaaaa
27th November 2016
Grain elevator

Sad that they disappear
Sad that the wooden grain elevators disappear. This one is wonderful and we would love to see even bigger ones. Thanks for telling us what we took a photo of and also giving me some insight. /Ake
28th November 2016
Fire truck

Congratulations on a decade of blogging!
These are fantastic photos of a part of America that most people don't visit. I've driven across the country a dozen times and visited only Chicago in these three states. However, since you are a fan of old industrial installations (Norway, etc), you've found some treasures here (great old tractor!). I love the bridges and too bad those wooden grain elevators couldn't be made into theaters or hostels or something. And I've seen lions, donkeys, cows individually painted in various cities, but never individually carved ones--they're great! You've made me curious about our flatlands when I return.
28th November 2016
Fire truck

Glad you liked it
We were a bit worried that people would frown upon this blog entry since we had nothing to write about the photos. I think you will enjoy reading the coming blog as well, since most of those photos are connected to specific places and a few are genuine tourist sites. /Ake
28th November 2016

Fab mural
What a great town to have a mural showing Native Americans, African-Americans and European and Latino immigrants, as well as the usual suspects. Well-done, small town!
3rd December 2016

Small town America
I'm always thrilled when someone visits American towns that are not on the top NYC, Boston, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, LA and SF.

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